Boosted Board Review

Boosted Board Review

Mini S

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About Boosted Boards

Boosted Boards are one of the most widely known electric skateboards in the market. Their performance coupled with spectacular design makes the Boosted Boards a fan favorite. You can also check the Boosted Board App for analytics and connectivity in your Boosted board. To keep your board secure, you can go for the Boosted Board Backpack. You can also go for Boosted Board Accessories to replace or customize parts. If you want to see how their products compare to their competitors, here are our Evolve board and Meepo board review articles.  

Various Models of Boosted Boards

Boosted Board Stealth

Boosted Boards Stealth

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Boosted Board Stealth is an extremely high performing electric skateboard. It is as capable as it is attractive design-wise.  
Product Features
  1. The Boosted Board Stealth runs on uber-fast belt driving motors as well as power-packed battery housing. This gives it added functionality. It also makes it look like a premium high-end electric skateboard. The hub motors built into the Boosted Board Stealth also give it impressive braking power. It also has enough power and torque to give you a thrilling ride every time.

  2. The 85mm wheels are another point where the board shows its capability. They’re driven by the metal belt system in the motor and have a metal interior with a solid outer cushioning. This not only gives you a safe riding experience with a good grip on the road but also incredible shock absorption.

  3. For a premium and expensive electric skateboard, this skateboard has impressive stats and performance in a majority of areas. The board can reach a speed of up to 24mph or 38.6kmph.

  4. Moreover, the Stealth can also support this high-speed performance for up to 14mils or 22.5km! This is incredibly fast for incredibly long and something hard to find on any other board. All this comes with the package of super responsive regenerative brakes, to help with more power-efficient use.

  5. The board can ride up to 25 degrees inclination of hills, ramps. Riding uphill or any neighborhood inclines should not be an issue.

  6. The board has an elegant black overcoat that adds a style factor to the flexible and wide board. Supported with amazing precision trucks, you can be sure that your Boosted Board Stealth lasts for a long time and performs well daily.

Boosted Board Mini X

Boosted Mini X

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If you are a fan of compact boards that are just as powerful as the full package, the Boosted Board Mini X covers all these areas. Check out this electric skateboard today to get an electric skateboard that is portable and powerful.  
Product Features
  1. Like other Boosted Boards, the Boosted Board Mini X has an excellent belt drive motor system. It has both function and design purposes. It looks cool and drives the board to some crazy performance stats.

  2. The belt drive system makes the acceleration and deceleration as smooth as it is thrilling and gives you powerful performance on this compact board.

  3. The Boosted Mini X can easily go up to 20mph.

  4. The Boosted Mini X battery also lasts up to 14mils or 22.5km. This is enough for a day’s riding around or part of your daily commute.

  5. However, the compact frame limits the board’s incline power to ride up to 20 degrees. It isn’t impressive but it can be good enough for a lot of purposes.

  6. The efficiency in the battery is further improved with the use of regenerative brakes in the Boosted Board Mini X.

  7. The Mini X also has a safeguarding concave design. It gives you adequate control despite the smaller design of the board.

Boosted Board Plus

Boosted Board Plus

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Living up to its name, the Boosted Board Plus is one of the more premium and high-performance electric skateboards you can find in the market.  
Product Features
  1. The Boosted Board Plus impresses with its signature design, premium materials, and a stylish frame. The board is a composite and flexible board that gives amazing vibration absorption and flexibility.

  2. The motor belt delivery system further makes the Boosted Board Plus more reliable. It can easily handle acceleration and deceleration without sudden halts. You can get used to the way it accelerates quickly as well as decelerates to a smooth stop.

  3. The 85mm wheels are even more impressive. They are perfect for gripping, shock, and vibration absorption. This happens all the while remaining perfectly capable of accelerating without too much effort. They last long and support your board through some fast speeds.

  4. The Boosted Board Plus also charges fast, at 1 hr and 45 mins. It supports regenerative braking and lasts to give you a range of 14mils or 22.5km.

  5. The board’s 25-degree incline capability makes it incredibly easy to handle at fast speeds and steeper slopes.

  6. Boosted Board Plus also has an impressive 22mph top speed. This is fast considering its range.

Boosted Mini S

Boosted Mini S

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The Boosted Mini S is the more affordable and compact variants from the company. It has decent features while living up to the amazing design and functionality from Boosted.

Product Features
  1. The Boosted Mini S has a decent 18mph top speed. This speed is decent enough for this compact power-packed electric skateboard. Combined with the belt drive system, the board has no issues with acceleration or maintaining a high speed for longer durations.

  2. Boosted Mini S also comes with regenerative braking. This feature makes it a steal as it’s a board with above-average specs in its price range. This is all the while maintaining the features of upper end Boosted Boards.

  3. As compact as the Boosted Board Mini S is, it only has a limited range because of the smaller Boosted Board Battery housing. You can expect it to last up to 7mils or 11.2km which is only as good as a neighborhood ride or for short rides on trips.

  4. The Boosted Mini S is a mere 30in long. You can not only pack it away easily but also maneuver it with much more ease.

  5. The Boosted Mini S is also able to support up to 20 degrees of incline grade. It’s just enough to get you uphill or run up the neighborhood ramp.

Frequently Asked Questions about Boosted Boards

What is a Boosted Board?
The Boosted Board is one of the high end capable electric skateboards that you can find in the market. It has impressive designs, motor belt-driven wheels and amazing performance. Because of these, a Boosted Board can be just what you’re looking for your thrilling rides. Moreover, you can choose from between four available models:

  1. Boosted Board Stealth
  2. Boosted Board Plus
  3. Boosted Board Mini X
  4. Boosted Board Mini S
How much does a Boosted Board cost?
Boosted Boards are a high-end range of electric skateboards. They show their worth in terms of performance and impressive design. They start at approx. $749 (Boosted Mini S) and go upwards from there up till $1599 for the Boosted Board Stealth. Here are the approx. costs you can get a Boosted board for:

  1. Boosted Board Stealth is available for approx. $1599
  2. Boosted Board Stealth is available for approx. $1599
  3. Boosted Board Stealth is available for approx. $1599
  4. Boosted Board Stealth is available for approx. $1599
How fast does a boosted board go?
Depending on the model, your Boosted Board is capable of high-speed performance coupled with a decent battery. The most affordable and compact Boosted Board Mini S can go up to 18mph, whereas the most expensive in the range Boosted Board Stealth can go up to 24mph.
How much are electric skateboards?
The cheapest one may start at $299 and can cost up to $2,000. This variation is dependent on factors such as the manufacturer’s building parts, marketing cost, battery size, general performance features, and customer service.
Where to buy Boosted Boards?
You can buy the Boosted Board for a great deal at Amazon or soon. Boosted Board Warranty plan covers your board for up to and year for mechanical or electrical features up to 12 months. You can extend it with an Extended Protection Plan.
How long is a boosted board?
Boosted Boards have their own dimensions depending on the model you’re going for. Here are the board length dimensions per model:

  1. Boosted Board Stealth: 38in
  2. Boosted Board Plus: 38in
  3. Boosted Board Mini X: 29.5in
  4. Boosted Board Mini S: 29.5in
How to ride a Boosted Board?
A Boosted Board is easy to ride and with a great balance and grip, it is as thrilling to ride as it is safe. Moreover, the remote makes it even easier to control your board. Switching it off or on is a breeze as well as braking. Lean your body slightly forward on one leg as you begin to speed up. Continue to sway and turn with the board as it is moving. Since Boosted Boards have incredibly smooth brakes, you do not need to worry too much about falling off due to sudden halts. However, leaning back and applying pressure towards the kick tail can be a better mechanism to decrease stop time.
How to make a Boosted Board waterproof?
Your Boosted Boards’ electrical components are water-resistant. But the same does not apply to the board and mechanical parts such as the metal pulley, wheels and the board. So it isn’t a good idea to intentionally drive your board through puddles and wet terrains. But, you can still waterproof it as a temporary measure with some polythene protection on the board. You can also glue the parts with possible water inlet areas using a glue gun.
How long do Boosted Boards last?
Your Boosted Board comes with a warranty of up to a year against mechanical and electrical parts defects. Moreover, they’re premium end boards with mechanical parts such as metal pulleys or motor belt systems. So they’re not really prone to degradation of physical or electrical parts for at least a year of daily usage.
Can Boosted Boards go uphill?
Yes, nearly all Boosted Boards are capable of going uphill, some more capable than others. For example, while the Boosted Mini S can climb up to a 20-degree gradient, the higher-end Boosted Stealth can even scale 25 degrees of inclination.
Can you ride a Boosted Board in the rain?
No, it wouldn’t be a good idea to use any Boosted Board in rains or through wet puddles. Even if the electrical components are water-resistant, the board can get soggy. It might also lose its flexibility and durability over time. The same applies to its moving parts such as metal ball bearings and moving parts. They accumulate rust and deteriorate the performance of your electric skateboard. You can still replace them, but using your board is a better idea to ensure longevity.
Can you bring a Boosted board on a plane?
Out of the four variants of Boosted boards as of now, only the Mini variants can be accommodated in your luggage. Check your preferred airline’s rules to be sure.