Electric Skateboard Reviews

Rideable technology was once a thing of the “future”. And now the future is with us. We continue to witness a renaissance in personal transportation technology. Engines become smaller and more powerful. Batteries are now smaller but with more power. What was once considered a “luxury” is now used for daily commutes. That is why you can now see a boom in electric skateboard brand reviews.
While they were initially used for in-city travels, now you have more powerful rideables that can maneuver rough off-road terrains. They keep getting crazier and more advanced by the day. But as is the case with most marketplaces, there are specific brands that stand out. Here is a list of the best electric skateboards in the market right now. Continue reading our electronic skateboard brand reviews page to find out the best board for you.

Meepo Electric Skateboard

The Meepo board is one of the most popular rideables in the market. Meepo attracts skateboarders with its modern design, alluring features, and relatively affordable pricing. The Meepo boards are updated continuously to suit different customer reviews. That is why it’s no surprise why Meep is part of our electric skateboard brand reviews page.

The Meepo board is a perfect fit for novice electric skateboarders. It has a simple style flat board and remote-controlled acceleration. The acceleration ranges from slow, medium, and high speeds and safety features. The Meepo board provides quite a comfortable cruise as one gets the hang on skateboarding with an electric push. It is also among the best budget skateboards in the business. It sports specs in efficiency, durability, and performance at a cost less than what it would take to Do It Yourself.

The Meepo board’s design has convenience, efficiency, and durability in mind. Features such as smart power on safety and water-resistant features prove this. The smart power-on feature enables the board to switch on automatically once the wheels are rolling. It also automatically switches off when not in use. This feature saves you the trouble of having to bend down to access the power button.

See what other features does a Meepo’s boards have by reading this electronic skateboard brands review.

Water-Resistant Features

It also sports a water-resistant coating that protects the electric wiring when skating through puddles. Kieran has also designed the Meepo board with battery indicators that show when you need to charge the board. The board also gradually slows down before coming to an eventual stop. Which is unlike an abrupt halt which would be detrimental at high speeds. The Meepo also comes with six different board models to choose from differentiated by size.

Read more about them by continuing on our electric skateboard brand reviews page.

Meepo Board Price Range

The Meepo board prices range based on the model as follows;

  • Meepo V3. $429.
  • Meepo NLS Pro. $699.
  • Meepo AWD PRO. $849.
  • Meepo Classic 2. $649.
  • Meepo City Rider. $729.
  • Meepo Mini 2. $429.

Top Seller Electric Skateboards by Meepo Electric Skateboard

meepo awd pro


Meepo boards are one of the more simplistic, sleek and stylish looking electric skateboard range. All of the boards share a nice, and flat electric skateboard shape. This design looks as stylish in black as it is slim and durable. The best out of the boards has to be the Meepo AWD Pro, with the best battery and performance for not only everyday use but also hilly terrain use.

Combined with its uber fast speed of 34 mph or 55 kmph and a range of 24.2 km it is an easy choice when you consider buying an all-rounder electric skateboard.

The Meepo AWD Pro also comes with 4 hub motors. This feature allows this board of being capable to drive anywhere with the performance that it promises. Moreover, it is also one of the most durable and heavy use boards you can select and it starts at $849.

Its simplistic design and the handles make it even more attractive for everyday use and the board also has an attractive grip tape to give you more stability and control.

The Meepo AWD Pro also comes with an electric remote that is easy to use and pairs with the board in no time. The best feature and standing out capabilities of the Meepo AWD Pro is its amazing performance and overall handling at high speeds.

Evolve Board

Evolve Skateboard Logo

Speed is what should come to mind when you mention the Evolve board – also referred to as the Ferrari of electrical skateboarding. The Evolve board is among the fastest electric skateboards. However, it is also known for its steep pricing. This makes it one of the most expensive electrical skateboards on this list.

If you are into extreme skateboarding and are looking into the electrical skateboarding scene, this board is for you. Its speed feature gives the Evolve board the adrenaline factor that comes with extreme skateboarding. It is also designed for long-distance skateboarding. Its advanced battery technology makes it quite suitable for the intercity skateboarding commuter.


The top feature of the Evolve board is its speed. The Evolve team has also invested in making long-lasting batteries. Their years of innovation created what are relatively the most advanced features in electrical board battery technology. The latest model of the Evolve board, the Evolve GTX Bamboo, sports a 31-mile battery range. Despite the Evolve board’s immense speed, the creators seem to be aware that speed kills.

So they equipped the board with four riding modes: safety, eco, fast, and GT. The Evolve board remote, despite not being a fan-favorite element of the board, sports utility buttons. That includes the safety clutch, braking lever, acceleration trigger, and two malfunction buttons that switch between the four-rider modes. Its wheel structure also makes the Evolve board more stable while cruising even at high speeds on uneven paths.

Evolve Price Range

The price range for this master of electrical speed board ranges from:

  • Boosted Mini Evolve board. $749
  • Mainstream Boosted Board $1,399
  • Top tier Boosted Board. $1,599
  • GTX Bamboo Evolve board. $1,779

Top Seller Electric Skateboards by Evolve Board

evolve bamboo gtr

Evolve Bamboo GTR

Out of the three Evolve Boards, the best design and overall functionality at an amazing price is definitely for the Evolve Bamboo GTR Series. The best part about the Evolve board is that you can switch between the wheel type in Evolve Bamboo GTR as well as Evolve Carbon GTR.

So, unless you are looking for design and material instead of performance, the more expensive Carbon GTR isn’t necessarily the best. The Evolve Bamboo GTR has an amazing speed of 26mph or 41.8kmph which is not only incredibly fast but it also delivers stable performance.

You can switch between All terrain, street or even 2 in 1 wheels for the Evolve Bamboo GTR board without having to upgrade to the Carbon GTR. The Carbon GTR has its own pros such as durability and lighter form factor because of the carbon fiber board, but the performance stays the same.

The Evolve Bamboo GTR also works long enough to last you a good 31mils or approx. 50km on a single charge, so it can easily last you several days without charging. Of course, this performance also depends on the speed mode you have selected among other factors.

These features are why it is a top pick in our electric skateboard brand reviews.

Boosted Board

The Boosted Board has been in the electric skateboarding business for a while now. It continually improves to reach its ultimate potential. This is evident from their latest model – the Stealth. The Boosted Board has always held a competitive standard in providing high speed yet safe to use electric skateboards. This widens its range of users from the adrenaline junkies to the ones who deem moderation and safe arrival more important.

Features and Price

The Boosted Board’s most renowned quality is its combination of speed and safety. It sports a maximum speed of 24 mph for the latest model Boosted Board Stealth which has it 2 mph more than its preceding Boost Board. This speed is facilitated by this model’s more powerful motor with a high of 2,100W.

Another notable feature about the Boosted Board is the regenerative braking feature which makes it exceptionally efficient in making sudden stops. The regenerative brakes also help their electric boards maintain a little bit more juice on a full charge. Its range of speed options makes this electrical board brand useful in boosting rider confidence that includes; Eco, Beginner, Pro, Expert and Hyper. This is among the widest speed varieties for an electric board in the market.

As for the cost here is how deep into your pocket you would need to go;

  • Boosted Mini S. $749
  • Boosted Mini X. $999
  • Boosted Plus. $1,399
  • Boosted Stealth. $1,599

Top Seller Electric Skateboards by Boosted Board

boosted stealth

Boosted Stealth

It is hard selecting one best product out of the amazing range from Boosted electric skateboards. However, when it comes to general use, overall audience favorite as well as performance, the Boosted Stealth leaves its close contender Boosted Mini X behind.

The Boosted Stealth board not only comes with a smooth belt motor drivetrain but also delivers amazing performance combined with the package of an excellent and durable design. Moreover, the board is also super flexible as well as offers great performance and long term durability.

The Boosted Stealth board also comes with regenerative braking along with an impressive battery life to last you up to 14 miles or 22.5 km on a single charge. Additionally, the Boosted Stealth board also has 5 speed modes to switch between including one hyper mode and the 85mm wheels make the ride smooth, stable, and thrilling.

Boosted Stealth board has precision trucks and the board’s build quality is perhaps its best feature along with the sleek black looks. Not only is the Boosted Stealth board great in the range from the company but also leads competitors in terms of build quality, performance and general aesthetics.

Backfire Board

backfire board

The Backfire Board is not on this review list because of its top speed, incredible grip or wide-range speed options. It’s on the list because it has value for money compared to any other electric board in the market. Having been a recent brand in the industry, the standard specs at an affordable buying price have made the Backfire Board brand rise quickly. They became an influential competitor in the electric board business.

This is the ultimate budget board designed for adequate rideable performance. Aside from this, it has durability features at half the price of a standard electric board. If you are new to the electric board game and you do not know where to start, then start with the Backfire Board.

Features and Price

The crash truck feature is this brand’s most significant configuration. It allows the board to move fast in stable motion and conveniently make swerve turns. The Backfire Board’s crash truck configuration is advanced. It’s made of steel which makes it more robust in core ability, adding to smoother and well-distributed handling. Also for an electric skateboard at its price range, it is incredible that the Backfire Board can run in 23 mph with decent acceleration propelled by the rear wheels. It also can handle a 25-degree inclination climb at a speed of 8 miles per hour.

The Backfire Board range extends to a maximum of 10 miles on normal usage while at a full charge. This is expected for a board in its price range. Nonetheless, this skate board’s most unique feature is the ability to change the urethane on the wheels. You can do this with the spare that comes with the original shipment.

The price tag on the Backfire Board is $549.

Top Seller Electric Skateboards by Backfire Board

backfire ranger x2

Backfire Ranger X2

Among the range of high performance and versatile electric skateboards from Backfire Boards, the Backfire Ranger X2 stands out the most. If you rely on a high performance board for your adrenaline rush, there is none like the Backfire Ranger X2 board. Not only is it suitable for your daily commute, but also for intense high power rides in the hills, mud tracks among other terrains.

The sealed mechanics of the board ensure its longevity by not letting any sand or water inside easily. Moreover, with the replaceable 6.5in all terrain wheels, the Backfire Ranger X2 board is great for handling and rough use in rough terrains.

The dual hub motors (1200W each) further give it an impressive performance of 22 mph or 35 kmph, which is not too fast and good for urban and countryside rides. The Backfire Ranger X2 also covers up to 24-30 km on a single charge depending upon the speed mode that you use it on. Moreover, the Backfire Ranger X2 also comes with an OLED remote and the reason it stands out from the rest of the range is its overall usability making it worth the price. It starts at $1199.

Blitzart Board

blitzart board

The Blitzart board is what cost-effective looks like in the context of electric boards. Fitted with standard longboard efficiency features at competitive pricing, the Blitzart board has gradually risen through the ranks. It became one of the most popular electrical boards in the business. It is tough, and it is fast for a longboard within its price range, making it an ideal longboard with value for money.

The Blitzart Board is the perfect longboard for a beginner in the scene. It comes at an affordable price and designed with standard rideable specs. It gives the rider a comfortable feel as they get acquainted with electrically-propelled cruising. The Blitzart longboard has been tested and proven to be quite easy to balance on and to control. Another feature that makes the board suitable for a rather green user.

Features and Price

The Blitzart has a 350-watt brushless in-hub motor set at the rear wheel. Unlike most electric skateboards, the in-hub motor allows the Blitzart Board skateboard access even when the batteries run out of juice. So at no point are to carry your board home as long as the path is clear. Its battery power gives this longboard a range of up to 8 miles of full charge, which is not anything near the longest. But it takes quite a short time to charge – two hours and thirty minutes.

This budget rideable also spots a regenerative braking system which is a feature of elite longboards. This gives you a little more mileage when you use the brakes. The Blitzart’s latest model sports a sturdy yet flexible deck made of seven layers of Canadian maple sandwiched within two layers of bamboo.

For $299 you get yourself a Blitzart board which is quite a bargain.

Top Seller Electric Skateboards by Blizart Board


Blitzart X Plore

The Blitzart board range being a strictly entry level one, all the models are somewhat similar in performance leaving a few notches and features in the design. Keeping in mind its range and overall design, the best out of the Blitzart board range is the Blitzart X-Plore board. The performance in the Blitzart X-Plore is the same as in Blitzart Huracane and Blitzart Tornado. However, the design takes the center stage when there is nothing left to compare.

With speeds going up to 16mph or 25.7 kmph, the Blitzart X-Plore board is decent enough in terms of performance for its target audience of newcomers and people looking for low budget boards.

The Blitzart X-Plore can also cover up to 10 miles or 16km on a single charge, and it does perform great enough to last a day on a single charge. Moreover, it takes only 2.5 hours to recharge completely and the 350W hub motor also delivers a stable, smooth and thrilling performance.

Boosted X-Plore also comes with two handles on both sides of the board design to make carrying it easier and the board also comes in black, red, orange and green variants. The board is also made up of 7 layers of Canadian maple as well as two layers of bamboo to give it as much flexibility and a lightweight design as possible. As a result, the board weighs only about 13 lbs or 5.9 kg approx.

Swagtron Board

swagtron logo

The Swagtron brand has been in the game for quite a while. It’s known for a variety of electric rideable including hoverboards and electric scooters. It’s also famous for its swift market adaptation which is partly why it lasted this long in the industry. With electric skateboards being the new outdoor obsession, Swagtron has risen to the occasion with its pocket-friendly Swagtron Boards.

Being a bit green in the electric skateboard scene, the Swagtron Board is nowhere near a bad start. It would be a worthy buy for a certain range of clientele.

The Swagtron Board’s first release is the Swagboard NG-1. It is the ultimate budget electric skateboard. The Swagtron board is a perfect pick for a beginner in the general skateboarding world electric or not. This product sports mildly aggressive specs.

Due to this, it’s comfortable for a rider to build confidence before upgrading to the next level. With the top speed clocked by this model, it is highly unlikely that you would find yourself lying across the road with a bruised elbow or twisted ankle.

Swagtron NG-1 Features and Price

The Swagtron NG-1 board is much smaller than the standard longboards. It hits a top speed of 10 miles per hour which is as safe as it gets for an electric skateboard. This budget board also boasts of a range that extends up to 10 miles on a full charge which is not bad at all for a rideable within its price range. The Swagtron Board also features on both sides and a cruise control mode. It does not get any safer than this for a budget electric skateboard.

For a Swagtron NG-1 board you would have to part with $299.

Top Seller Electric Skateboards by Swagtron Board

Swagtron Swagskate NG3

Swagtron Swagskate NG3

In the Swagtron electric skateboard series, Swagskate NG3 takes it up a notch by introducing the lightest yet affordable compact electric vehicles that’s perfect for your kids. It kicks off with the ‘Endless Mode’ wherein riders can opt for a relaxing cruise mode or spice up the ride with the electric motor booster without the need for a remote. The upshot? The built-in smart sensor on the board is able to detect and auto-recognize your cruising speed of your likings.

NG3 is one of the best representatives for Swagtron specifically for its intuitive and innovative technology incorporation into an electric skateboard. Not only its design is sleek, but NG3 is also capable to accelerate up to 9.30 mph with a rider weighing up to 150 pounds. The outstanding part, it’s all powered by a 100-watt hub motor that only requires a 1.5 hour charge time.

A truly revolutionized electric skateboard is not complete without letting the riders to enjoy the thrill. While it’s undeniable that the NG3 does offer the speed, but it also protects the rider with the agile design wherein riders can perform better curves in a more stable manner.

Just like any other electric skateboard, NG3 also comes with grip tape, LED taillight that doubles up as a color-coded indicator. However, the auto speed detector comes in as add-on security to disengage responsively whenever there’s a detection of deceleration or resistance while cruising. If it’s not convincing enough, Swagskate NG3 also proves to be durable even with a lightweight polypropylene deck and it’s compact enough to fit in a backpack. Above all, NG3 is affordable and retails at a lower price with electronic skateboards that are about the same range.

Wowgo Board

wowgo logo

The WowGo board is yet another budget e-board that is worth all the attention it is getting. Designed to maximize rider experience, the Wowgo is made for exceptional performance at an affordable price. The variety of Wowgo e-boards gives this brand a competitive edge.

Their boards have specs aimed at the diverse rideable market in terms of experience. The WowGo is among the fastest-selling e-boards in the business, and it is for a good reason. Experienced e-board riders looking for an electric board with an affordable price should consider Wowgo boards. An enthusiastic beginner could also work with the Wowgo Board since it has incorporated the comfort factor on grip and speed hence boosting rider confidence.

We’ve included WowGo in our electric skateboard brand reviews so you can see what they offer.

WowGo Features and Price Range

The Wowgo’s general design starting from the deck, the trucks, to the wheels have a lot of similarities to the first and second generation boosted boards. The deck is a bamboo fiberglass type which is quite flexible and useful in improving the road vibration experience. The Paris truck configuration set at the front by the authentic Paris truck V2 and the Paris clone on the rear gives the Wowgo board better-carving abilities.

The latest Wowgo Board, the Wowgo 3X, also boasts of new technology: turbo ESC. This gives the board a powerful torque enabling this board to reach a top speed of 24 mph. Another notable feature for the Wowgo e-board is its eccentric wheelbase. it is designed at a relatively wider millimeter distance, which gives this e-board a more comfortable and stable grip. It is also configured with the regenerative braking system. This system works more smoothly compared to other e-boards that reach the top speed exhibited by this longboard.
The price range for a Wowgo skateboard is set as follows:

  • WowGo 3X Electric Skateboard & Longboard. USD 749.99.
  • WowGo 3 Electric Skateboard & Longboard. From $499.99 to $599.99.
  • WowGo 2S Electric Skateboard & Longboard. From $379.99 to $419.99.

Top Seller Electric Skateboards by Wowgo Board

wowgo 3x

WowGo 3X

Unless you’re more of an all-terrain, rough use rider, the Wowgo 3X is the best board in the range that you can invest in. The board comes in black and orange variants and comes with a sleek, simplistic and generally lightweight design. Moreover, the Wowgo 3X also comes with precision forged belt motor drive trucks and you can feel the smooth performance especially when turning and carving.

Wowgo 3X also has dual hub motors of 600W each and can go up to speeds of 39kmph and you also have the option to switch between different speed modes. The new Hobbywing ESC 2.0 combined with the OLED electric remote make the board equally reliable in terms of using its tech specs to the best.

Since the Wowgo 3X is made up of bamboo and fiber glass it offers more flexibility, without compensating on the long term reliability. The battery can also last up to 14mils or 22.5km which is enough for an intensive usage for a single day too. You can also use the board for several days and it has stellar performance in an urban environment. Moreover, the package also comes with replaceable belts, pulleys and lots of other essential parts.

Acton Board

acton board logo

As a product of one of the biggest transportation firms (Acton Global), the Acton Board is nothing short of innovative and efficient product that has definite value for money. Having joined the electric skateboard industry relatively late, the Acton Board has quickly become a favorite e-board in the market due to the niche factor. With its first model in the market, the Blink series, this e-board has found a way to penetrate the intensely competitive rideable market.

For the nostalgic rider who wants to be in touch with the latest trends but still have the good old days, this is the skateboard for them. Spotting that old school exterior design with a touch of modern style finish. Seeing its features, it goes without saying that the Acton Board is one of the most unlikely e-boards in the business in terms of features performance and cost.

However, due to its features, it definitely needs to be discussed in our electric skateboard brand reviews.

Acton Blink Features and Price

The most notable feature for the Acton Blink board is its weight. Weighing an incredible 7.7 pounds, the Blink Lite Acton board is the lightest e-board in the game. Its weight makes it the most portable e-board with or without power. This surprisingly does not take away its performance. It can achieve a top speed of 25 meters per hour – more than the top speed of some of the heavier e-boards within this compilation. It uses a single hub motor which is hardly even noticeable while cruising.

This also means that when the Acton Board runs out of juice, you can still ride yourself home old school skateboarding style. The deck also spots the Canadian Maple wood, which is no different from the high profile e-boards in the market.

To get this light electric skateboard it would cost you $499.

Top Seller Electric Skateboards by Acton Board

Acton Blink Qu4tro

Acton Blink Qu4tro

We know how difficult it becomes choosing a single best product out of several especially if all are good looking and perform well. To solve this dilemma, if you have a good budget, the best option is to go for the Acton Blink Qu4tro. Sure, the Acton Blink S2 is also a great option, but it comes close to being an entry level segment board, at least price wise.

When it comes to electric skateboards, you want as much durability as performance. That is why Acton Blink Qu4tro leads the charge here with both performance and design.

The Acton Blink Qu4tro offers an impressive performance packed into an equally impressive board design that is made up of carbon fiber. It has everything you want or need in an electric skateboard and then some.

Additionally, the Acton Blink Qu4tro board is also quite heavy at 10.8kg and for a carbon fiber based board, this becomes an essential weight to boost handling and overall durability passively.

It can also go up to a max speed of 23 mph or 37kmph and for an all terrain board and the overall lighting and design make it look more like a gadget straight from the future.

Exway Board

exway logo

The Exway has been in the e-board business for a while. Despite not being among the forerunners, the progression of the Exway brand has earned it a comfortable position among the top brands. The Exway boards have been improved over the years to provide performance features that elite electric skateboards have at a lower cost. No surprise seeing it here on our electric skateboard brand reviews page.

Their products are for a client base that knows what they want. Exway’s offerings cannot be referred to as a cheap electric skateboard, but it is definitely affordable if you were to compare its features to its price. An experienced electric skateboarder would definitely see the value for money in the Exway Board.

This is why Exway is included in our electric skateboard brand reviews page.

Exway Board Features and Price

The latest Exway board model known as the Exway Flex is the best one and most competitive one yet by the Exway brand. It boasts of a top speed of 25 miles per hour run by dual hub motors. The Exway is one of the few e-boards that allow for the swapping of hub motors to belt drive motors depending on which tickles your fancy.

The Flex electric skateboard is powered by a Sony Li-ion battery. It has a maximum capacity of 259Wh which powers the e-board for an exceptional distance of 20 miles at full charge. The battery also comes configured with a new technology BMS. The BMS allows for improved battery voltage readouts on the remote.

The new Exway board is also water-resistant with an IP68 rating. Light rains or small side road puddles are nothing to worry about while cruising.

It would cost you $649 to get yourself an Exway board.

Top Seller Electric Skateboards by Exway Board

Exway X1 Riot

Exway X1 Riot

The Exway boards are a range of sleek and high performance boards that come with the option of customizing the motor drive train. The best part about Exway boards is the option to add the same Exway Riot belt motor drive train to the Exway X1 Pro as it is to the Exway X1 Riot. It delivers a smooth stable and exhilarating performance that goes well along with the simplistic board design.

That is why the Exway X1 Riot is the best performer out of the three variants available. Sure, you can also choose to customize the Exway X1 Pro with the Riot belt drive motor, but overall the Exway X1 Riot leads the charge. You can also choose the hub motor and the belt drive motor for your usage.

With a top speed of 29 mph or 45 kmph with the Riot belt drive train, its performance is without a doubt going to leave you thrilled. Moreover, the best part about having an Exway board in general also applies to the Exway X1 Riot as you can charge it within 70 minutes with a fast charger and up to 3 hours with the included standard charger.

So, you do not have to worry about running out of juice even though the board lasts a good 16mils or 25.7km on a single charge.

Onewheel Board

The Onewheel electric skateboard is, without a doubt, one of the most unique e-boards in the entire industry. This factor alone has made it one of the most renowned rideable on a global scale. It does not, however, get much praise on its performance or the price tag. This leads a potential buyer to ask themselves one fundamental question, “Is it worth it?”

No surprises here why Onewheel is part of our electric skateboard brand reviews page.

Whether or not it is worth it depends on your preferences. If you are looking for an affordable e-board to do daily commutes with and occasionally run errands on, then this is definitely not the e-board for you. However, if you’re looking for a unique electric skateboard for a fun ride and money is not an issue, the Onewheel board is definitely what you’re looking for. This is an electric board made for prestige and style above all else. A worthy entry into our electric skateboard brand reviews page.

Onewheel Board Features and Price

A skateboard with one wheel is quite unrealistic when you think about it but very fascinating once you get to see it in action. The Onewheel Board boasts of having smart balancing sensors for a practical ride. It also interestingly does not use a remote control to enable locomotion. Instead, your balancing back and forth controls its speed and direction. If we knew nothing about science, one would easily think it’s magic.

This gives the board a maximum speed of 15 mph. It takes twenty minutes to fully charge its 48 Volt Life Po4 battery; standing at the shortest e-board charging time yet. With that full charge, the Onewheel board can hit a total distance of 7 miles, which is not bad at all, given its design.

Another fascinating aspect of the Onewheel board is its app. The app allows you to fine-tune its specs to better improve user experience.

To get your hands on this fancy e-board would cost you $1,499.

Top Seller Electric Skateboards by Onewheel Board

Onewheel XR

Onewheel XR

Onewheel boards are one of the most unique looking boards that you can get. Choosing either of the two available can be quite a dilemma. However, since the Onewheel Pint is more inclined towards people who want it for the looks rather than performance, the upgraded and longer lasting Onewheel XR is the obvious choice for the better board.

The Onewheel XR is not only highly customizable with nearly every part of the board open to replacement or customization but durable in the long term as well.

Compared to the Onewheel Pint, the Onewheel XR comes with an upgraded longer range of up to 12-18miles (20-28km approx.) on a single charge. This makes the Onewheel XR the wiser choice for people who do not want to stop riding this unique experience and experience in its entirety how joyful and thrilling it is to ride the unique Onewheel XR board.

Getting on and starting is as easy as riding this supreme futuristic board. It also comes with an embedded intelligent safety lighting system to protect you in traffic and other areas.

Lou Board

lou board logo

The Lou Board is a fairly new product in the electric skateboarding industry. But it has quickly gained popularity in a relatively short while. Created by the Swiss company SoFlow, the Lou Board has seen successful distribution worldwide since its launch. It has even been able to extend their model production to provide a variety of Lou Boards for their extensive clientele.

It’s no surprise why Lou Board is a regular on electric skateboard brand reviews.

For the avid traditional skateboarder, this e-board is just the right size, the right design, and the right price for you. The Lou Board is designed to switch between riding modes. You can switch from old school human thrust to the new day electric push. This product is also quite light, which makes it portable, just like the original skateboard. It is also essential to know this is a high performing budget electric skateboard.

Lou Board Features and Price Range

Due to the remarkable reception of the Lou Board, the company was able to release three models. These models are distributed globally in quick succession. These models depict an improvement in performance quality in added and improved features for the Lou 1.0, Lou 2.0, and Lou 3.0. The latest Lou model, Lou 3.0, sports a top speed of 21 mph. A 108 W battery powers this board. At full charge, this battery can last for a range of 15 miles. The Lou Board battery is also replaceable.

The Lou 2.0 is the lightest Lou Board. It weighs 10 pounds – one pound shy and two pounds shy of the Lou 1.0 and Lou 3.0, respectively. The Lou Board went for the hub motors instead of the modern belt motors. This allows the rider to easily switch from digital skating to analog skating when convenient. This e-board also boasts of its kicktail feature which comes in quite handy when making tight turns. Don’t forget its IP54 water resistance rating.

To ride Lou Board, you would need;

  • Lou 1.0. $499
  • Lou 2.0 $482
  • Lou 3.0. $999

Top Seller Electric Skateboards by Lou Board

Lou Board 3.0

Lou Board 3.0

Started from a Lou Board Kickstarter campaign, it is already obvious people love these boards. But determining the best out of the three would be reliant entirely on performance and build.

This is due to them sharing the exact same design. Where Lou Board 1.0 and Lou Board 2.0 are the more affordable with polyurethane and Carbon fiber boards, the Lou Board 3.0 is the best out of all the variants.

The Lou Board 3.0 also comes with a carbon fiber design which makes it incredibly lightweight and durable. It also makes the 3.0 as the better choice out of three with enhanced performance.

The Lou Board 3.0 comes with a top speed of 21 mph or 35 kmph. With the help of dual 1500W motors it also delivers a fast and stable ride. Since the electric components and battery are concealed inside the design of the board, you can also use it in any terrain and any weather conditions without worrying too much. The Lou Board 3.0 also has a minimal charging time of approx. 2 hours and weighs a mere 5.4kg.

So it is as good at maneuvering like a regular skateboard. Moreover, it is good for use as a high performance all-terrain electric skateboard in a lower price range. Moreover, you can also customize its replaceable deck plate to go along more with your style and opt for an additional 2.9Ah battery as well. The Lou Board 3.0 also comes with an electric remote for viewing your board stats.

One of the best products in our electric skateboard brand reviews page is the Lou Board 3.0.

Riptide Board

riptide board logo

The Riptide brand has been in the game for a while. This Long Beach-based company has made boards for skaters, surfers, and snow surfers. The company’s dedication to making fun and innovative products for the skating and surfing board industry has resulted in the Riptide Board. The company has brought forth a total of three electric boards.

Its latest and most exciting product is the Riptide R1 which appears here in our electric skateboard brand reviews page.

The Riptide electric board is the ideal e-board for the commuter skater. It has enough range to fulfill inner-city transportation comfortably. Its smaller design allows it to maneuver through crowds and city traffic. When you are not riding, it is light enough to carry around.

Riptide R1 Features and Price

The Riptide R1 has a 7-ply Canadian Maple deck and a micro-concave shape for a durable and sturdier latch on. The deck also spots inbuilt handles to enhance portability when not riding. The Riptide R1’s 18650 Lithium-Ion battery lasts for quite a long life cycle. It gives the e-board a range of up to seven miles on a single charge. Surprisingly for an electric board its size, the Riptide R1 uses belt-driven motors.

These motors function at a combined force of 1800W which propels the R1 e-board to a top speed of 18 mph.

To get yourself a Riptide board, you need to have $599.

Top Seller Electric Skateboards by Riptide Board

Riptide R1X

Riptide R1X

The design centric frame of the Riptide boards is not only aesthetically attractive but also works to give you more performance and overall portability. The polished design coupled with the aesthetic body design and belt motor gives the Riptide board its main attraction points.

As capable as its battery is, the Riptide R1X is the best out of the two available boards. This board can cover up to 14 miles or 22.5 km on a single charge. This is enough to last you a day of intense usage in addition to your daily commute and the Riptide R1X electric board also further impresses with its performance.

The Riptide R1X can also reach a top speed of 22 mph or 35 kmph which is great enough to give you a safe and thrilling ride. Furthermore, the R1X remote is also a great upgrade from previous models. This feature will give you more ease of use when it comes to general usability.

The board also sports a 1800W hub motor and has 90mm wheels which give a pleasant shock and vibration free riding experience. The belt drive motor enhances this experience by streamlining the brakes and acceleration without much hassle. However, its only con when compared to the competing boards is its charging time of up to 5 hours.

A high quality product that is a worthy inclusion on our electric skateboard brand reviews.

Koowheel Board

koowheel logo

Renowned for its game-changing electric scooters, the Koowheel Company has not been left behind in the race to bring forth an electric skateboard. And true to their nature, the Koowheel company has made an e-board that is nothing like the standard e-board. This is the stylish D3M Koowheel electric skateboard that is part of our electric skateboard brand reviews page.

For the avid experienced skateboarder, this is the skateboard to set your eyes on. Its revolutionary design gives it the performance as well as the durability factor. But the price is also a factor to consider. Continue reading our electric skateboard brand reviews page to know more.

Koowheel D3M Features and Price

The most significant feature of the D3M Koowheel board is the hidden electronic part placed inside the deck. This gives the D3M e-board the extreme edge where you do not have to worry about hitting bumps on the street. It also goes without saying that this feature makes it way more water-resistant than the competition.

This Koowheel e-board hits a top speed of up to 24 mph which is among the highest. It can also last for a range distance of 15 miles when fully charged. This performance is powered by two 350 W hub motors and a Lithium-Ion battery. The battery is also quite easily swappable. 

To own a Koowheel D3M e-board, you will need to part with $529.

Top Seller Electric Skateboards by Koowheel Board

Koowheel Kooboard Gen 2

Koowheel Kooboard Gen 2

Koowheel boards are an entry level electric skateboard segment and with simplistic designs and an attractive unique design remote. It is only best to set the standard high at the Koowheel Kooboard Gen 2 board. The Koowheel Kooboard Gen 2 has an impressive battery life that outruns several competitors including the first gen Kooboard.

The battery can last up to 17 km to 27 km, and with the double battery pack can last even longer and as it comes with regenerative braking. You’re bound to have a more efficient and longer lasting riding experience with the Koowheel Kooboard Gen 2. The board also comes with an impressive performance when you consider its top speed of 40kmph.

The Koowheel Kooboard Gen 2’s remote design is further more functional in both design and board connectivity and functions. This not only makes it possible to stop and accelerate quickly, but also increase its general handling and stability. The relatively quick charging time of 2.5 hours further leaves you with less time waiting for you to hop back on this board.

Moreover, the Koowheeel Kooboard Gen 2 comes with dual 350W hub motors and has a sleek black Canadian maple wood design. These features give the Koowheel Kooboard Gen 2 its impressive looks and performance.

No surprise why this board is included in our electric skateboard brand reviews page.


zboard logo

Finally, the last but in no way, the least is the board which is a product of a successful class project. Designed by USC engineering students Jeff Larson and Ben Forman, the zBoard went from an A to a profitable main product. This is, however, not surprising given the revolutionary design of their electric skateboard.

This is a reason why we included zBoard as part of our electric skateboard brand reviews page.

If you are not afraid to try new things and not afraid to pay the right price for it, then look no further. This is one of the most unique high performing e-boards on this list. There’s a reason why it does not come cheap for a good reason.

zBoard Features and Price

The balance sensor technology in this board’s locomotion mechanism sets it apart. Moving it on either direction requires a shift of your body weight without your feet leaving the deck. This can propel you to a top speed of up to 17 mph. Configured with a regenerative braking system, the zBoard can slow down without throwing you off. You can activate it by leaning back. Once you get the hang of it, you realize that this is the most convenient e-board in the business.

Why? Because it requires no physical thrust and no remote control. The zBoard is also fitted with high-quality maple wood and has a clear grip tape, with solid rubber wheels for sturdy latching and smooth carving.

To cruise on this magnificent piece of smart transportation, you would need to part with $950.

Top Seller Electric Skateboards by zBoard

zBoard 2 Pearl

zBoard 2 Pearl

zBoard electric skateboards are a couple of premium end electric skateboards. You have the option of choosing between either a Maple or Rosewood design. We suggest going for the better performing Rosewood variant.

Dubbed the zBoard 2 Pearl, this board comes with a better range as well as better overall performance. Moreover, the Rosewood design is also a fan favorite and gives the board a much more polished and aesthetically pleasing look.

zBoard 2 Pearl Features

The zBoard 2 Pearl can cover up to 24miles or 38.6km on a single charge. Moreover, the zBoard 2 Pearl also comes with an impressive top speed of 20mph or 32kmph.

This board is fast and stable enough to give you a thrilling and safe ride on your daily commute or recreational rides. The 97mm pearl white wheels also act as a vibration and shock absorbing element of this electric skateboard. The ZBoard 2 Pearl also comes with an 83a hardness level.

Additionally, the design features such as handling spaces carved into the design of this board along with safety lights make this the obvious choice. The quality and performance are the things that give this high quality and high performance board its edge over competition.

A worthy inclusion in our electric skateboard brand reviews.

Frequently Ask Question

What is the best Boosted board?
According to user reviews, the Inboard M1 electric skateboard is the best Boosted board. The factors considered in these reviews is the correlation of price with the features in efficiency, convenience, and durability.
What is the best electric skateboard to buy?
According to most electrical skateboard reviews, the Boosted Dual+ is among the top three best electric skateboards to buy. However, it all comes down to you and which electric skateboard best suits your needs. For instance, it would be impractical to buy a high performing expensive electric skateboard if you’re inexperienced and will use the skateboard to run minor errands.
What is the fastest electric skateboard?
The fastest electric skateboard is the NGV Nextboard. It sports a maximum speed of 68 miles per hour.
How much are electric skateboards?
The cheapest one may start at $299 and can cost up to $2,000. This variation is dependent on factors such as the manufacturer’s building parts, marketing cost, battery size, general performance features, and customer service.
What is the cheapest electric skateboard?
The cheapest electric skateboard is the Swagtron NG-1 which costs a total of $299. You can also buy a Blitzart board for $299 as well.
Where can I buy an electric skateboard?
In this digital age buying an electric skateboard is as easy as going online and searching “electric skateboards for sale”. This provides you with a wide range of options of electric skateboards on sale near you. You can choose from second hand to brand new e-boards. It is, however, essential to do your research and read reviews such as this so that you can get a good scope of what you are looking for.
How many miles do boosted boards last?
The mile range for a boosted board varies greatly depending on several factors such as battery type, battery size, and power output. The lowest mile range for a boosted board is 8 miles whereas the highest mile range for an electric skateboard is 31 miles.