Koowheel Board Review


Koowheel Board Review


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About Koowheel Boards

Koowheel boards are a range of very affordable electric skateboards. Not only it is lightweight but also has good performance too. With that said, the boards are strictly entry-level, and for newcomers. Moreover, the Koowheel board models have a more DIY sleek look, instead of going for over the top designs like other brands. This gives you a more traditional board experience. But it has the added ability to integrate tech into it. The Koowheel board models also have a nice level of flexibility. It maintains strength in all the essential parts to give you more maneuverability. Additionally, the Koowheel remote makes it more intuitive for you to get control. You can also learn the basics without focusing too much on the controls. It has a unique ring-like design. If you want to see how Koowheel stacks up compared to its competitors, here are our review articles for Lou Board, Riptide Board, and Exway Board products.  

Various Koowheel Board Models

Koowheel Kooboard FB1

Koowheel FB1

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The Koowheel Kooboard FB1 is one of the most basic electric skateboards you can buy. It will not only give you a nice range, but also a great performance. This board has a plain, sleek, and traditional DIY look. The FB1 also has an impressive grip tape for newcomers to get the hang of an electric skateboard. Moreover, it also has an IPX4 water resistance rating to handle the occasional puddle or more.
  • The Koowheel Kooboard FB1 is also one of the most capable entry-level budget boards on the market. This is because it is capable of reaching speeds of up to 25kmph or 15.5mph. So, it is not too fast or not below average when it comes to speed. For a newcomer, this is a great speed to get the hang before upgrading.
  • All in all, the Koowheel Kooboard FB1 is durable and water-resistant. It can tolerate up to 50-100kg of user weight. Remember that any more than that can severely hamper its performance. It can also reduce its durability and strain its structure.
  • The battery in the Koowheel Kooboard FB1 can last up to approximately 10-15km or 6-9miles. This can last anyone either on your daily commute or a recreational ride around the street for a day. Moreover, the battery isn’t very power demanding because of the parts included in the board, so you can charge it within 1.5 hours. That means less time charging and more time riding.
  • Another great feature in the Koowheel Kooboard FB1 is the hill-climbing tolerance. The Kooboard FB1 can climb up to 25 degrees in hilly area roads. You wouldn’t have issues going up or downhill as long as it’s a plain road. The board isn’t built for off-road use and you’re going to be better off using it in an urban environment.
  • The Koowheel Kooboard FB1 also measures about 67.8cm by 22.3cm by 11.6cm or 26.6in by 8.7in by 0.45in. With these measurements, it is small and more portable. With the slight concave look and the sleek design, you have a board that is easy to carry.

Koowheel Kooboard Gen 2

Gen 2 Board

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This is the upgraded and even better-performing variant of the Koowheel Kooboard FB1. It brings upgrades in both performance and design. Although this is an entry/medium-tier board, its capabilities and upgrades are worth looking into. Thi Koowheel board sports a sleek and lightweight design. It also has a black finish and a flat, slightly concave form.
  • The Koowheel Kooboard Gen 2 is also more tolerant and sturdier than its predecessor. it gives an amazing uber-fast performance and a long-lasting battery life. You can expect the Kooboard Gen 2 to last up to 12-15 miles or 20-25 km on a single charge. While this can get you through up to 1-2 days without a charge, the charging time is also negligible. This means in case you use it all day, you wouldn’t need to wait more than 2-3 hours for it to recharge completely.
  • Koowheel Kooboard Gen 2 also has a Canadian maple wood build that is as resilient and durable as it is flexible. The board measures about 36in by 10in by 5in or 90cm by 25cm by 13cm and weighs an approx. 17lbs or 7.7kg. These factors and the board’s weight give it more balance. They also offer more handling to stay on the road and turn and carve with ease.
  • This electric skateboard can also tolerate up to 25 degrees gradient. This means going uphill or downhill on plain roads shouldn’t be an issue. As it has dual brushless 350W hub motors, the Koowheel Kooboard Gen 2 can also go up to a max speed of 26 mph or 42 kmph. The 97mm 85a hardness wheels offer additional balance as well as vibration reduction.
  • Another great advantage of the Koowheel Kooboard Gen 2 is that it comes in two battery variants. It has the 4300 mAh, and the 5500 mAh variants. The battery also charges relatively easy. The board also comes with regenerative braking, so it’s more efficient and longer-lasting. The electric skateboard can also tolerate up to 130kg or 286lbs of user weight. Any more weight than that will affect the board’s performance and durability.

Koowheel Hover Shoes


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This isn’t an electric skateboard by definition. However, its functionality and design make it into this Koowheel board review. If you want something with more control and mobility than skateboards, the Koowheel hover shoes are perfect for you. On a single charge, the Koowheel Hover shoes can cover a distance of up to 10km, and considering they’re more recreational, you can easily last at least 2 days of intense use. Moreover, these overshoes have a single wheel design that gives you a feel like you’re wearing electric skates, but the riding experience feels more smooth and reliable.
  • The Koowheel Hover shoes also have powerful dual 250W motors that help in achieving a great speed while keeping safety, stability, and handling as the priority. They can easily reach a top speed of up to 12kmph. Moreover, these hover shoes can also tolerate a heavy 130kg or 286lbs of user weight without any performance woes.
  • As the Koowheel Hover shoes are made strictly for urban use, and for general recreational use, they are not built for tolerating the high gradient of hill slopes. The max that these hover shoes can tolerate is up to 9 degrees of inclination. This also means you are more likely to spend time in flat level areas and no ramps or other inclines either.
  • When it comes to a device of such mobility, there also comes the option of moving more freely. As such, you can expect your shoes to have a certain degree of freedom when it comes to inclining in any direction. The Koowheel Hover shoes can tolerate up to 80 degrees in front and back moving axis and 50 degrees in right and left angles when turning or carving corners.
  • While the battery holds a good charge, it also takes relatively less time to charge it and you can expect it to charge completely within 2 hours.
  • The Koowheel hover shoes are also quite heavy and weigh up to 3.3kg each, and this necessary weight not only gives you more ease of handling but better balance as well. Moreover, they measure about 22.7cm by 15.5cm by 11.3cm in size. So, you can also carry them in a special case or bag for traveling around or for general portability.

Frequently Ask Question About Koowheel Boards

What are the dimensions of a Koowheel Board?
Koowheel Kooboard FB1 has a smaller form factor and measures about 67.8cm by 22.3cm by 11.6cm or 26.6in by 8.7in by 0.45in. The Koowheel Kooboard Gen 2 measures approx. 36in by 10in by 5in or 90cm by 25cm by 13cm. As entry-level skateboards, both the electric skateboards offer great portability because of the lightweight and sleek design.
How does Koowheel Board work?
Koowheel Kooboards come with a special ergonomic and unique looking wireless remote that lets you control its braking, acceleration, as well as choose between other settings. It has easy to use controls that make it perfect for newcomers to focus on the experience and have an intuitive use rather than searching for buttons on the go.
What is the Weight of a Koowheel Board?
Koowheel Kooboard Gen 2 weighs approx. 7.7kg or 17lbs and the Koowheel hover shoes weigh about 3.3kg for each hover shoe.
Does a Koowheel Board have a weight limit?
Yes, both variants of Koowheel Kooboard electric skateboard have a weight limit. Considering they’re entry-level skateboards, you can expect their performance to take a serious hit after crossing the threshold and the same applies to the build. Koowheel Kooboard FB1: Can tolerate between a max of 50-100kg, but the ideal weight is up to 50kg.
How long does a Koowheel Board take to charge?
TheKoowheel Kooboard electric skateboards have amazing battery life and the same battery quality also reflects in the charging time for both boards. Koowheel Kooboard FB1: Takes up to 1.5 hours to charge completely.
How long does a Koowheel Board’s battery last?
You can expect your Koowheel Kooboard FB1 battery to last up to 10-15km or 6-9miles approx. depending upon use and speed. On the other hand, the Koowheel Kooboard Gen 2 can last up to 12-15 miles or 20-25 km approx. depending upon speed and weight.
How fast does a Koowheel Board can go?
The Koowheel Kooboards have capable motors and can go up to Koowheel Kooboard FB1: 25kmph or 15.5mph.
How to control the speed of the Koowheel Board?
You can easily control the speed of your Koowheel electric skateboard using the easy to use and intuitive wireless remote included in the package. The red knob-like button is easy to reach and you can control your board by using your thumb to control the board’s speed and acceleration. Moreover, there is also a forward and backward mode selector on the side for you to control the direction. You have to gently and smoothly control the remote button instead of sudden movements to be safe and not have sudden jerks and falling off the board.
Is Koowheel Board waterproof?
No, the Koowheel Kooboard electric skateboards aren’t waterproof. They are, however, water-resistant and have IPX4 certifications as far as water tolerance goes. So, you can expect your board to tolerate the occasional puddle or light rain on the way to work or home for a short time. But the moving parts are prone to rust, deterioration from water and dust over time despite the water resistance. It is the electrical parts that are sealed well and to some degree even the board.
Should I go for Koowheel hover shoes or the Koowheel electric skateboards?
If you are looking for something purely recreational and not using for your daily commute, and indoor or street use, the Koowheel Hover shoes can serve your purpose. However, an electric skateboard serves both commute based and recreational purposes and in general, cases are the best option. Koowheel hover shoes are bound to be heavier and better looking in design than an electric skateboard. While the Kooboards are bound to be much more portable, lightweight as well as good for portability when you’re traveling inside or outside the city.