Lou Board Review


Lou Board Review

Lou 1.0

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About Lou Board

Lou Boards are a range of high performance and lightweight next-gen electric skateboards. Why next-gen? The battery in Lou Boards is inside the board component instead of the external underside. Moreover, all the Lou boards have silent motors. This gives the board you amazing speed and performance while keeping the mechanical noises to a bare minimum. You can appreciate nature and your city more when whizzing through streets or hills. Additionally, Lou boards also sport a simplistic and lightweight design. This makes them perfect for maneuvering. If you want to see how they stack up next to their competitors, check out our zBoard review, Acton Blink review, and WowGo Board review articles.  

Lou Board Models

Lou Board 1.0

Lou 1.0

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This is the very first and the more affordable out of the Lou Board electric skateboards range. The 1.0 board is a fun, lightweight board. You can also get it in a variety of colors such as black, blue, red, and purple. Most importantly, it is water-resistant, unlike any competitor in this price segment. The Lou Board 1.0 starts at $449 without additional customizations.

  1. This board is a polyurethane, water-resistant, and extremely lightweight electric skateboard. It also comes with a silent motor like other boards from Lou. Due to this, you can focus on your surroundings more than the hum of your board motor.

  2. The 1.0 has a single motor design. It can easily go up to 17mph or 28kmph. It is also fast enough to make you cut the wind and move forward with impressive speed.

  3. The 36V/2Ah battery is also great for this board and lasts up to 6-9 miles or 10-15km. So you can rely on the Lou Board 1.0 for your daily commute or recreational purposes as well. Moreover, the battery also charges within 2 hours. You do not have to wait too much to get back on the board again after it runs out of juice.

  4. However, this board doesn’t have the most impressive inclination climbing statistics. The board can tolerate up to 8-12 degree gradients, which makes it good only for street and urban commute.

  5. This board also has regenerative braking, so it’s efficient and has long battery power. Its water resistance design combined with the powerful grip tape design on top can brave any weather conditions. Most importantly, as it weighs a mere 4.8kg, you can also maneuver it well.

  6. You can also customize the 1.0, as its deck plate is interchangeable and there are great designs available for replacement. This also gives you access to replace the battery from within the board.

Lou Board 2.0

Lou Board 2.0

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The Lou Board 2.0 is a design upgrade from the 1.0 and adds a carbon fiberboard to the package. It also makes the board lighter, better to handle and maneuver and adds some passive upgrade to speed. It is exactly the same as Lou Board 1.0 when it comes to specs, leaving aside the carbon fiber upgrade. Still, you can check a summary of the statistics, and they’re common in the 1.0 and 2.0 models. It costs approx. $598.

  1. The battery lasts up to 6-9 miles (10-15km) and charges within 2 hours. The board also supports regenerative braking.

  2. Lou Board 2.0 comes with a carbon fiber design, which makes it much more lightweight and more durable. The Lou Board weighs a total of 4.3kg, making it approx. 800g lighter than the Lou Board 1.0.

  3. It can climb up to 8-12 degree inclines.

  4. It has a single capable 1500W hub motor.

Lou Board 3.0

Lou Board 3.0

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The Lou Board 3.0 is the premium-end entry. It sports a great carbon fiber design and offers much better performance than its predecessors. Not only does it up the performance big time, but it manages to stay light and easy to ride with great stability too.

  1. The Lou Board 3.0 is one of the best high-performance boards out there. With the battery and other components hidden inside the board, it is perfect for all kinds of weather. Moreover, this board is lightweight and durable because it consists of carbon fiber. Same as the 2.0 model, the Lou Board 3.0 also weighs a mere 5.4kg and this is something that makes it worth the buy.

  2. Unlike the predecessors, its dual hub motors are 2 X 1500W. It can deliver amazing and most importantly, silent and stable performance. The total power you can get out of this amazing board is almost 3000W so performance-wise, the Lou Board won’t disappoint you.

  3. The Lou Board battery on this board is also upgraded to 36v/3Ah, and it lasts up to 12-15miles or 20-25km on a single charge. This is a nice upgrade from the previous models and should last you a day without charging if not more.

  4. Lou Board 3.0 can also go up to a maximum speed of 35kmph and it is perfect for both urban and road travel. Moreover, the powerful motor also gives it an advantage of tolerating more incline gradients up to 15-20 degrees.

  5. Moreover, the Lou Board 3.0 also comes with regenerative braking. This makes the board last even longer and runs more efficiently. You can go an entire day without charging the board. The Lou Board is something that you can use for recreation or in your daily commute. It is also easy to carry it around and you can even get the special Lou backpack for this purpose.

Lou Board Features and Accessories

Lou Board’s Kickstarter campaign exceeded their goal. This shows how much the public loves their boards. Here are the main features and accessories you should know when weighing in investing into a Lou board:


Lou boards are incredibly lightweight. This makes them easy to maneuver and you don’t have to worry about portability. Moreover, materials also play an important role in making the Lou boards lightweight. The Lou Board 1.0 consists of polyurethane, while the Lou boards 2.0 and 3.0 consists of carbon fiber.


Its simplistic design makes the Lou Board one of the best-designed boards that you can find. This only eliminates the risk of damaging these components and protects the internal components from dust and water. This is why all Lou boards are water-resistant and perfect for any weather.


Lou Boards also offer some freedom for you to customize – you can change the deck plate! Here are some accessories to keep in mind when purchasing a Lou product.
  1. Lou Backpack: Since the Lou Boards are lightweight, you can also carry them anywhere for a ride. For convenience, you can also get the Lou Backpack. It’s a specially-designed backpack so you can carry your essentials and the board anywhere you go. This is as useful for your daily commute as it is for an offbeat destination or a weekend trip. The Lou Backpack starts at $99.
  2. Interchangeable deck: Lou Boards also have a nice unibody concealing design that hides the internal components inside the board’s body. As a result, the top grip tape embedded deck is interchangeable. You can change and open it in case of necessary repairs as well as customizing your board. You can choose between a variety of designs and one board can cost you between $29.99 to $34.99.
  3. Space Battery: While the 3.0 has a longer range than any of the previous models, you can still go for an extra battery. You can get an extra 2.9Ah battery for the 3.0 for $149.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lou Board

How much does a Lou Board cost?
You can get a Lou board starting at $449 for the Lou Board 1.0. You can upgrade to a carbon fiber body of the Lou Board 2.0 for another $100 on top of the Lou board 1.0. The most expensive out of the range is Lou Board 3.0 which is available for $999.
What are the dimensions of a Lou Board?
All the three versions of Lou boards measure the same: 66 by 26 by 13cm.
What is the Weight of a Lou Board?
The Lou boards are one of the most lightweight high-performance boards you can find in the market. Here are the weights of each Lou Board:

  1. Lou Board 1.0: 4.8kg
  2. Lou Board 2.0: 4kg
  3. Lou Board 3.0: 4kg
How long does a Lou Board’s battery last?
Apart from the first two versions of the Lou Boards, you can expect a decent range to last for your daily commute.

  1. Lou board 1.0 and 2.0 can go up to 6-9miles or 10-15km.
  2. Lou Board 3.0 can go up to 12-15miles or 20-25km.
How fast does a Lou Board can go?
Lou Boards are lightweight and come with either single 1500W motors or double 1500 motors like in the Lou Board 3.0.
How to control the speed of Lou Board?
You can use the wireless remote that comes along with your Lou board to tune its speed as per your needs.
Is Lou Board waterproof?
Yes, all Lou boards are IP54 water-resistant. This is because of the hidden electrical sensitive components. However, like with any other moving vehicle, its motor and movable 83mm wheels are not 100% waterproof. As a result, they may deteriorate or rust over repeated exposure to water.
What is the difference between Lou Board 1, 2 and 3?
There are no major differences between Lou Board 1.0 and 2.0. The Lou board 2.0 is only a board material upgrade keeping the circuitry and other features exactly the same. So, while Lou board 1.0 is a polyurethane-based electric skateboard, the Lou Board 2.0 has carbon fiber. The Lou Board 3.0, on the other hand, is a carbon fiber board that also comes with dual 1500W motors, and a better battery too.
Does Lou have a weight limit?
Lou board 1.0 consists of polyurethane so it is not as durable and tough as the carbon fiber on the Lou board 2.0 and 3.0. However, here are the weight limits as per official quality tests for each board:

  1. Lou Board 1.0 can tolerate up to 120kg or 265lbs.
  2. Lou Boards 2.0 and 3.0 can tolerate up to 150kg or 330lbs.
Can Lou Board be still used when the battery runs out?
Yes, you can use the Lou board like a normal manual skateboard in case it runs out of battery. You need to recharge the battery before you can use the wireless remote and other functions, though.
What is the warranty policy for Lou skateboards?
As durable as Lou boards are, Lou board’s electrical components are under warranty for up to one year. The board is also covered against any manufacturing or quality defects for up to 2 years.