Off-Road Electric Skateboard Models

Off-Road Electric Skateboard Models

Off-Road Electric Skateboar

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About off-road electric skateboards:

Going to off-beat destinations requires an off-road electric skateboard to ride through. Off-road boards have a more bulky and heavier design than other boards. Some off-roading boards even support suspension systems and other mechanisms in place. These are to make your off-road adventure as safe as it is thrilling. The main feature that sets off-road skateboards apart is their heavier design. Makers keep in mind the board will be in rough conditions so they’re also thicker and more durable in terms of build. Performance-wise, you can also expect more stability, control, and even higher speeds in off-road boards. If you are curious to know more, why not check out our Evolve board and Lou Board review articles. Also, if you prefer a more all-around board, check out our article on All-Terrain electric skateboard models.  

Best Off-Road electric skateboards:

Evolve Carbon GTR Series:

Evolve GTR Carbon

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This is one of the best off-roading and street style electric skateboards. With the option to switch between all-terrain and street style wheels, you have the best of both worlds under your feet.
  • Evolve Carbon GTR series is easily one of the most versatile electric skateboards. The Evolve Carbon GTR starts at $1,999 for the all-terrain variant and can change depending on the variant you choose. You can also go for both wheelsets with a 2 in 1 option.
  • The Evolve Carbon GTR is good for off-roading because of its battery’s endurance. This board can go up to 31 miles or 49.8 km on average. As you’re bound to spend more time riding in off the road, this board is one of the best options to cover great distances.
  • The dual 1500W belt-drive motors also give an incredible boost to the stability and power of the board. Because of this, the Evolve Carbon GTR can go up to a top speed of 24 mph or 38.6 kmph. So, playing in off-roading environments is not only safe but thrilling.
  • The Evolve Carbon GTR comes with 7-inch pneumatic wheels. They will give you a shock and vibration-free experience as best as possible. You won’t need an extra suspension system. The trucks are also well placed and sturdy to give the Evolve Carbon GTR a stable riding experience.
  • The carbon fiber deck is not only stylish to look at but equally hard and durable too. The grip because of the engravings is also enough to let you grip the board perfectly beneath your feet.
  • Evolve Carbon GTR can ride up to a 30-degree hill-climbing gradient. You can also easily control the board with the wireless remote. You can check all the statistics with the smartphone app as well.
  • Pick up the Evolve Bamboo GTR with the bamboo deck if you want a more affordable board. It has the same performance and option to switch between wheels, don’t worry. The carbon fiber on this board is beneficial for long term durability. But this comes at a decent upgrade cost from the previous model.

Wave Street 2000:

Wave Street 2000

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Searching for a powerful electric skateboard that is simple in looks, but at the same time looks like a powerhouse and feels like it? The Wave Street 2000 electric off-road skateboard is the one you should be looking at. The board is thrilling and also offers a clean and simplistic look despite the monstrous pneumatic tires.
  • The Wave Street 2000 outperforms other boards when it comes to speed and handling. This electric skateboard has a direct drive 2000W battery. It delivers amazing power for longer durations and charges as quickly as 3 hours.
  • Wave Street 2000 can also go up to a top speed of 18 mph or 28.9 kmph, and even climbs hills up to 30-degree gradient in slopes. The board’s pneumatic tires give it the ability to glide over the roughest terrains. They also maintain perfect control without any compromise on stability and handling.
  • The deck is a 10 Canadian maple ply board that is about 46 in or 118 cm in length. It can withstand a heavy user weight of up to 130 kg. It can handle sudden shocks extremely well and still maintains decent flexibility.
  • The Wave Street 2000 weighs a heavy 13.5 kg. This gives the board the weight to maintain momentum and stability.

Outstorm 3300W electric skateboard:

Outstorm 3300W

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This board is a powerhouse like no other. It is a literal monster truck as an electric skateboard. With pneumatic wheels driven by a belt drive motor with dual motors, this is one of the best things an off-roader could ask for.
  • The Outstorm 3300W electric skateboard also comes in two variants with different battery types: the 11Ah and 13Ah version. With these options, there is a slight difference in performance and mileage. But still, it can go up to 23 miles or 37 km on a single charge, so you won’t feel changes that much.
  • The deck is also thick enough to last major impacts and shocks. The 11 Canadian maple not only gives this board enough flexibility and durability but a stylish look too.
  • The wireless remote is just as advanced and packed with features as the board. It offers plenty of control options while still keeping things easy to use and remember.
  • The dual 1650W motors give this board incredible performance. You can go up to a top speed of 31 mph or roughly 50 kmph. This makes it perfect for racing down and up slopes. The Outstorm 3300W electric skateboard can tolerate uphill slopes up to a 30-degree gradient.
  • The board also has a lowered deck design to give you better control. It can tolerate incredibly high speeds. Moreover, it also comes with two safety belts to lock in your feet for better handling. You won’t slip off the board when you’re chasing winds in rough environments.

Raldey Off-Road MT-V3S:

Raldey Off-Road MT-V3S

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Raldey boards are famous for amazing off-roading and all-terrain boards. The Raldey Off-Road MT-V3S board is one of their best and affordable options.
  • The Raldey Off-Road MT-V3S electric skateboard can reach top speeds up to 29 mph or 45 kmph. It has dual 900W hub motors. This electric skateboard also gives a powerful and stable
  • Raldey Off-Road MT-V3S Electric skateboard also has impressive battery life. It can go up to 20 miles or 32 km on a single charge. The minimal charging time takes only 3 to 4 hours – you won’t have to wait long before riding.
  • Raldey Off-Road MT-V3S Electric skateboard also has IP 55 water resistance. But this doesn’t mean you can always ride in wet or moist conditions. This just means that the occasional splash or a wet conditions ride shouldn’t be an issue. The wooden deck consists of 8 layers of Canadian maple which gives it flexibility.
  • Riding on hills is also not an issue as it can climb uphill slopes up to 30 degrees gradient. The large wheels and the whole structure weighs about 8.5 kg. This improves its handling and shock and vibration absorption properties.
  • The wheels measure approximately 110-120 mm. As a result, their grip on the road and uneven ground are good, especially with their great gripping pattern.

MotoTec 1600 Dirt Electric Skateboard:

MotoTec 1600

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This is a heavy electric skateboard. It’s complete with enormous wheels and suspension system. With good looks and performance, the Mototec 1600 is one of the best off-roading boards out there.
  • The Mototec 1600 dirt electric skateboard can also go up to a maximum speed of up to 18-22 mph or 29-35.5 kmph. Its dual 800 W belt-drive motors give it enough speed, stability, and control. It can glide over anything and everything possible.
  • The pneumatic tires are also able to restrict as much vibration and shocks. They also provide ample support and grip. With the belt drive motor, these amazing tires also deliver great stability and stopping power.
  • Mototec 1600 also has a decent battery life, but not the best. It can last up to 10 miles or 16 km on a single charge, where charging the battery takes roughly 3 to 5 hours.
  • The best part about the Mototec 1600 board is its suspension system. It gives you a much smoother ride than you can get on any other off-roading electric skateboard.
  • Moreover, the Mototec 1600 dirt electric skateboard also weighs a really heavy 71 lbs or 32 kg. The 12 ply maple deck can withstand heavy shocks and impacts. It also provides ample space for you to handle this board properly beneath your feet.

AZBO Off-Road electric skateboard:

AZBO Off Road

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The AZBO off-road electric skateboard is one of the most affordable yet capable off-roading boards. It delivers unparalleled performance easily. This board also has a good design with feet safety belts attached. Its price starts at $999.
  • The AZBO Off-road board also has an amazing 3000W motor and with a belt drive mechanism. These make it a pleasure to ride this board. It can go up to 25 mph or 40 kmph. The powerful all-terrain tires can dominate any environment you take this board too.
  • Another great advantage of this board is its endurance and proficient power usage in rough environments. This board can last up to 19 miles or 30.5 km on a single charge. Moreover, the board also doesn’t take excruciatingly long to charge. It only takes up to 3 hours to charge completely.
  • Moreover, this board’s 11-ply Canadian maple board also delivers amazing performance. It can tolerate up to 286 lbs or 130 kg of user weight.
  • The AZBO Off-road electric skateboard also sports amazing 7.8-inch pneumatic tires. These absorb shock and reduce vibration as minimal as possible. They also give this board an amazing ability to come out of the toughest environments with great stability and grip.
  • AZBO Off-road board comes with a great wireless remote that lets you control this board with ease. You can also switch between three-speed modes with the help of this wireless remote.
  • The pneumatic tires are also further made more durable with a steel center. The aluminum trucks also carve effortlessly. All these features make this board one of the best and most powerful off-roading electric skateboards in its price range.

Bajaboard G4X:

BajaBoard G4X

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This board is a fan favorite. It has a powerful suspension system and capable high-performance motors. The board looks sophisticated with killer looks. It also comes with one of the best and fastest off-road performances in the market.
  • The Bajaboard G4X off-road electric skateboard can reach top speeds of up to 37 mph or 60 kmph. This not only makes it one of the fastest electric skateboards out there but also one of the best off-road electric skateboards.
  • Bajaboard G4X also comes in two variants. You can choose either of the 550Wh or 900Wh battery options. This board’s performance and endurance range depend on the battery variant you choose.
    • 550 Wh battery variant can go up to 13.5 miles or 22 km on a single charge.
    • 900 Wh battery variant can go up to 21 miles or 34 km on a single charge.
  • The Bajaboard G4X off-road electric skateboard can also climb incredible sleep hills. With its high speed and powerful quad motors, it can climb up to 45 degrees.
  • The Bajaboard G4X’s suspension system as well as durable deck also gives it the ability to tolerate higher user weights up to 160 kg or 350 lbs.
  • The belt drive motor mechanism further improves the smoothness and handling of this board. Gliding over a variety of environments couldn’t get easier.
  • Bajaboard G4X has design features such as head and tail safety lights. These will make it your riding experience that is safe for your board and you.
  • The tires are 254mm across in diameter. Because of this, the board can ride and get over and out of any hurdles. As a result, the board also weighs a heavy 25 kg or 55 lbs.

ARQANJ Off-Road Electric Skateboard:

ARQANJ Off-Road Electric Skateboard

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This one is an all-rounder. The ARQANJ off-roading electric skateboard is truly the best in design, performance, and speed. This board is extremely powerful in every aspect. It just glides over anything and runs smoothly with its capable suspension system.
  • This board is easily the best and most formidable, powerful electric skateboard on this list and in the market. It has a superior suspension system and thick off-roading tires. It even has the option to choose between different sizes. The ARQANJ off-roading electric skateboard is as versatile and powerful as it gets.
  • One of the best things you would notice upfront about this board is its suspension system. It sticks out to give it a menacing and stylish look and is just as functional as it is aesthetic. The massive tires provide unparalleled grips in the trickiest of conditions.
  • Moreover, this electric skateboard also comes with an impressive top speed of up to 28 mph or 45 mph. This will give you an enthralling speed and riding experience unlike any other. The powerful motor also gives it incredible stability and power to operate and glide in every environment.
  • The ARQANJ off-roading electric skateboard can also go up to 40 km or 25 miles on a single charge.
  • When it comes to durability and strength, this board leads the charge. It can tolerate up to 150kg or 330 lbs of user weight. Its structure also allows it to last several years without any issues.
  • Its powerful battery also makes this board able to ride uphill or downhill without breaking a sweat. Moreover, it can even climb as steep as up to 45 degrees of incline depending on speed and other factors.
  • This board also has decent ground clearance. It also has an aluminum housing for the battery and ESC. This will protect these components especially through some of the extreme environments. This also means it is better off to operate on land than water to prevent damage and deterioration.

YWS Off-Road Electric Skateboard:

YWS Off-Road Electric Skateboard

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This one is a well built and an all-rounder electric skateboard. It has a sturdy rock-solid build quality and the support of a powerful suspension system. The YWS off-road electric skateboard lasts long and delivers an unparalleled performance.
  • The YWS off-road electric skateboard can go up to speeds of 22 mph or 35.4 kmph. With its suspension system and high-performance drive, the board truly races ahead of winds. Moreover, the oversized 9 in tires make this board stable, shock, and vibration proof. You can ride safely in extreme environments with enhanced handling.
  • The YWS off-road electric skateboard also consists of 8 layers of Canadian maple. It gives the board just enough strength and flexibility to glide and run in rough environments. This also means that your board is not only shock and vibration-free but looks good as well.
  • The 7800 mAh battery is also well integrated into the design of the board. This gives it a protected unibody style enclosure to protect them from impact and damage. Moreover, the battery lasts up to 28 km or 17.4 miles before you need to charge. This mileage is also essential if you’re considering going off the road for a considerable while.
  • The YWS off-road electric skateboard has a hub motor instead of a belt drive. But the dual suspension system compensates to make this board smoother and a pleasure to ride on. Additionally, the board’s oversized wheels and the well-crafted trucks also give it more control to make sharp and close turns.
  • The board has an LCD wireless remote that comes with it. It is also capable of switching between the different speed modes. It also provides you with accurate data about your YWS off-road electric skateboard. This board also comes with an included repair and accessories kit. These will make your riding experience easier when you’re outside in case of potential issues.

Factors to consider when buying off-road electric skateboards:

Your off-road electric skateboard is more than an off the road machine for you. It might be a part of your daily commute or even might be for professional purposes. Either way, it is important to get to know some factors before you make a huge purchase decision.  


The first and foremost reason to consider when buying an off-road electric skateboard is the terrain that you’re going to be frequenting on. If it is going to be nearby hills with low to medium angled slopes, you would be well off with a board that can climb up to 20 degrees gradient. However, for professional or rougher environments, it is best to go all-in and consider buying a board where the wheels can climb the roughest of terrains, and the motor can climb the steepest of hills, which brings us to our next point.  

Motor and Wheels:

Usually, all off-roading boards pack powerful motors and off-roading wheels. But, considering what you want in the motor and wheels is important. Do you want a belt drive or hub motor? Do you want all-terrain or strictly off-roading wheels? As for motors, belt drive motors offer much more control, smoothness, and stability than hub motors. But hub motors can offer much more speed. For wheels, all-terrain wheels are a bit tougher than off-road wheels. If you’re looking for something that can fit both, an all-terrain electric skateboard is a wiser choice. If you want something for rough environments, the off-roading option is the wiser choice.  

Design and weight:

Off-road electric skateboards tend to have a more strengthened build. This is so they can withstand the huge shocks and constant vibrations in rough environments. Off-roading electric skateboards would have suspension systems, belt-drive motors, and metallic alloy frames. These will make them more durable and enjoyable. Weight is also one of the prime factors to consider. A lightweight off-roading electric skateboard is difficult to control and handle. it is also more susceptible to breaking and shattering completely.  


You may want something with a wooden deck with a metallic frame. Or you can choose something with carbon fiber or other durable material. Either way, they should be able to brave rough shocks and vibration.

Frequently Asked Questions Off-Road Electric Skateboards:

What is an off-road electric skateboard?
An off-road electric skateboard is a semi-automatic personal mobility vehicle. It is capable of high and durable performance in rough environments. It is specifically designed for off-roading. It comes with sturdier and more flexible wheels than an all-terrain electric skateboard. These boards come with much better build and performance than an all-terrain or street style electric skateboard.
What do you consider when buying an off-road electric skateboard?
When buying an off-roading electric skateboard, you should consider these factors to make a wise buying decision:Weight: Most off-roading electric skateboards weigh heavier than all-terrain and other electric skateboards. The heavier weight establishes enough momentum to glide over anything.

Tires: This is the single most important and visible feature. The tires should be flexible and durable. It’s best when they’re pneumatic and oversized to get out of sticky situations with ease.

Board design: As an off-roading electric skateboard, there should be ample thickness or tension on the board. There should also be flexibility to last long and tolerate shocks. The best-case scenario is the presence of a suspension system.

Can we ride an off-road electric skateboard on a beach?
Yes, you can ride it on the beach sands if it’s water-resistant. Moreover, the board should have oversized tires. This is to prevent the sand from reaching the ESC and other moving parts.
How to maintain an off-road electric skateboard?
You can maintain your board with regular cleaning, brushing, and looking after the tires. This not only makes sure that the board performs as its best, but also for a long time.
How much does an off-road electric skateboard cost?
Generally, all off-road electric skateboards come in the premium segment in terms of pricing. However, you can get some options with a rough budget of $1000 more or less.
Do off-road electric skateboards have a weight limit?
Yes. Like other boards, off-road electric skateboards come with their own weight limit. This is to make sure that the weight won’t compromise its durability or performance.
How long does an off-road electric skateboard charge?
Generally, charging an off-road electric skateboard takes anywhere up to 3 to 5 hours.
How to control an off-road electric skateboard speed?
You can control your board’s speed with the wireless remote included with the majority of models.
Are off-road electric skateboards waterproof?
This depends upon the weight, model, and make of the board. Some off-road electric skateboards can be water resistant but not completely waterproof. Remember to check before buying. Refrain from using them in moist, rainy, or beach conditions on a daily basis.