Three types of ZBoards are available: ZBoard Classic, ZBoard Pro, and ZBoard San Francisco Special

See the chart below to learn the main difference between the models.

 ZBoard Electric Skateboard CAD
 ZBoard Electric Skateboard
 Electric Skateboard Design
 Weight-Sensing Electric Skateboard Design
 Electric Skateboard Engineering   ZBoard Battery Box Electric Skateboard Design
ZBoard Electric Skateboard 3 View








Top Speed**

15 MPH

17 MPH

18 MPH


5 Miles

10 Miles

20 Miles

Charge Time

5-6 Hours

5-6 Hours

5-6 Hours


400W Electric

400W Electric

400W Electric


10Ah SLA

10 Ah LiFePO4

20 Ah LiFePO4


35 lbs

28 lbs

32 lbs    

Deck Length

40 inches

40 inches

40 inches

Deck Width

10.5 inches

10.5 inches

10.5 inches

Other Features:

  • Handle for Easy Carrying
  • Included 110V Wall Charger (220V Chargers also available)
  • Off-Road Tires
  • LED On/Off Switch

*SF Special Includes
  • Fast Charger - double the battery charges in the same amount of time
  • Die-cut grip tape deck
  • Includes Smooth Wheels

**All ZBoard models are range tested under a variety of real world conditions to determine proper ratings. “Highway” range - the range stated in the chart above - is determined under constant speed on smooth, flat pavement. “City” range is determined under normal riding conditions on flat ground, including regular stop and go on a variety of pavement conditions. Charge and maintenance status, terrain, rider size, topography, and riding style all influence battery life and top speed.
  • Classic: 5 Miles Highway / 3 Miles City
  • Pro: 10 Miles Highway / 7 Miles City
  • SF Special: 20 Miles Highway  /14 Miles City