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Riptide Board Review

Riptide Board

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About Riptide Boards

If you’re looking for a capable and stylish electric skateboard, look no further than Riptide boards. Riptide boards start at $599 and the premium version, the Riptide R1X starts at $799. With that price tag, they’re more than capable. Moreover, it is also easier to carry them because it’s lightweight and there are handles engraved into the board. You can also go for custom grip tapes for your board and bring out the best of your board as per your style. If you want to know how Riptide Board models stack against their competitors, here is our Exway Board, Meepo Board, and Lou Board Review articles.  

Riptide Board Models


Riptide R1

Riptide R1

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The Riptide R1 is the first high-performance variant from Riptide. This board is one of the most affordable and high-performance electric skateboards in the market. Although it has an average battery, you can rely on it for your daily commute too. Starting at $599, the Riptide R1 offers great performance and a decent battery backup as well. Talking about the battery level, the Riptide R1 can go up to 7 miles or 11.2 km on a single charge. This also depends on the speed and should last you for your daily commute. Although you might have to charge it twice a day because of the average range.  
Riptide R1 Features
  • The Riptide R1 also offers great performance and you can reach a top speed of up to 18mph or 28.9kmph. Despite the high speed, the precision remote control makes sure you’re in total control of your board. This precision remote combined with the belt drive motor makes the Riptide R1 a great option, especially if you’re looking for a stable ride.
  • Riptide R1 is also made to be incredibly lightweight at 5.9kg approx. It has a medium-sized board which is 31in by 9.5in by 4.5in. This board’s signature fancy look is a kicktail that gives it a surfboard-like appearance. It also has dual carved out handles that make it more travel friendly.
  • The dual belt mechanism installed in the drive train system is also adjustable. You can tighten or loosen it to get better coasting, and drive style. It is a 1800W drive belt motor that works to deliver smooth, stable, and fast performance. Moreover, the board also comes with an integrated kicktail design. This makes it easier to pick up and maneuver.
  • The Riptide R1 offers a stable, vibration-free ride with its 83mm 78a hardness urethane wheels. Additionally, the battery also charges in under 3.5 hours and you can pick it back up without waiting too long. You can also get an additional fast charger to reduce its charging time.

Riptide R1X

Riptide R1X

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The Riptide R1X is one of the best medium segment high-performance electric skateboards you can invest in. With upgraded parts and a slightly changed design, you’re bound to love this board. It comes with a DIY look board design that is both simplistic and sleek. The Riptide R1X is the same in size as its predecessor, the Riptide R1, at 31in by 9.5in by 4.5in. The sleek wooden rosewood design and the 14.5lbs or 6.6kg weight gives it a great look and portability. Additionally, the Riptide R1X also comes with carved out spaces for easier handling. The kicktail design further improves handling and maneuverability.  
Riptide R1X Features
  • The Riptide R1X also has a 1800W dual belt drive motor and can reach a top speed of 22mph or 35.4kmph. Its precision remote adds a layer of control and stability to the board. The regenerative braking further ensures that your board is effective, stable, and comes to a smooth stop.
  • Riptide R1X also has a big battery under the board. The battery lasts a good 14 miles or 22.5km before running out of juice. So, you can go a full day or even two with intense use and your daily commute. The battery needs up to 5.5 hours to recharge completely.
  • You can also adjust its belts to prevent slipping or improve coasting upon need. Moreover, the 83mm 78a hardness wheels are the same as in the previous Riptide R1X and do a great job with vibration reduction.

Riptide Board Accessories:

You can buy accessories to go with your board or spare parts in case you need one. Here are some worthy of taking a look at:

Custom Grip Tapes

You can boost the looks and function of your board thanks to its customizable nature. When it comes to customizing your board, the first thing you can change is the grip tape. However, because of the design, you can only customize the front part of the board’s grip tape. Available in 5 options, you can get each in a fancy pattern and catchy colors. These tapes start at $10.

Drivetrain Kits

Getting a repair and customization kit is a must when you use your Riptide board frequently. You can replace and tighten screws, belt motors. You can also fix issues with the motor kit, pulley, bearings among other parts of your belt drive train. The customizability of the Riptide boards gives you a variety of options to choose from as repair kits that are very handy to use. You can choose from the following kits:
  1.   Belt replacement kit
  2.   Pulley repair kit
  3.   Motor screws replacement kit
  4.   Motor repair kit and a motor arm tightening kit
  5.   Bearing kit
  6.     Drive bearing repair kit
  7.   Wheel nut set kit
  8.   Reinforced truck replacement kit
  9.     A complete package of motor and belt drive kit. You can also get extra belt covers for protecting your drivetrain from the elements.
  10.     Wheel replacement kits. You can customize wheels with drive gear inserts, bearings, wheel nuts. You can even get a different looking limited edition white wheelset.

Electronic Parts and Battery

Complete your repair kit with an extra battery, remote, battery kit, and standard charger. Moreover, you can also choose the fast charger to charge your boards in less than 90 minutes. Here are the prices these parts start at:
  1.   14 Mile battery: $299
  2.   RX Remote: $55
  3.   Quick charger: $99
  4.   Standard charger: $45

Apparel and Other Parts

You can also go for Riptide accessories and apparel for a whole Riptide experience. Not only can you go for a matching shirt, but also have other parts of your board ready. Here are the parts that you can get:

Riptide Deck Kit

You can get a backup deck in case your previous one has taken heavy damage or deteriorated over time. You can get this starting at $119.

Front Truck

The front truck is perhaps one of the most damage-prone parts of your board. Get a replacement on hand for $30.

Master Tool Kit

You can also go for a master tool kit. It has all the essential repair tools for your electric skateboard. It has tightening screws, blade cutter, heat gun, wrench and screwdrivers for your parts. The kit is available starting at $20.

RX Board Deck

In case your RX board has taken some heavy hits, go for a replacement for the Rosewood deck for $119.

Frequently Ask Question About Riptide Boards

How much does a Riptide Board cost?
Riptide boards are relatively affordable when compared to other high-performance boards in this range. You can get the Riptide R1 starting at $599 and the Riptide R1X starting at $799.
What are the dimensions of a Riptide Board?
Both Riptide boards measure the same when it comes to size and are about 31in by 9.5in by 4.5in.
How does Riptide Board work?
Like other electric skateboards, you can operate the Riptide board using a wireless remote. The ease of use, handling, turning, acceleration, and stops will impress you. It is a belt drivetrain electric skateboard so it also offers better stability and handling.
What is the Weight of a Riptide Board?
Both Riptide electric skateboard models are lightweight. The Riptide R1 weighs about 13lbs or 5.9 kg and the upgraded Riptide R1X weighs about 14.5lbs or 6.6kg approx.
How long does a Riptide Board take to charge?
The Riptide R1 takes up to 3.5 hours and the Riptide R1X takes up to 5.5 hours with the standard charger. But with the fast charger available for $99, you can charge them within 90-180 minutes.
How long does a Riptide Board’s battery last?
The Riptide R1 Board lasts up to 7 miles or 11.2km on a single charge. Riptide R1X can last up to 14 miles or 22.5km on a single charge.
How fast does a Riptide Board can go?
Riptide boards can go to a great top speed between 18-22mph. The Riptide R1 can go up to 18mph or 28.9kmph. The Riptide R1X can go up to 22 miles or 35.4kmph.
How to control the speed of the Riptide Board?
Using the precision R1 wireless remote, you can control the board’s speed with ease and without sudden jerks. Moreover, the kicktail integrated design further gives you the ability to stop it after it is nearing braking.
Is Riptide Board waterproof?
The Riptide electric skateboard design is not waterproof. Exposing it intentionally to water isn’t recommended. However, if you happen to accidentally go through water, its passive water-resistant design will protect the board.
What are the differences between Riptide Board R1 and R1X?
There are several differences between the Riptide R1 and R1X. Not only does the R1X have a Rosewood board material, but also comes with upgrades to the essential parts. The Riptide R1X also has a better battery, a better motor, and weighs heavier than the Riptide R1, mostly because of upgraded parts.
Does the Riptide board have a weight limit?
Yes, like all other wooden boards, there is a weight limit required for best performance and longevity. The Riptide electric skateboards can tolerate up to 250lbs or 113.4kg. Going a bit above the limit won’t damage the board’s structure but affect its speed and battery life.