Backfire Board Review

backfire board

Backfire Board Review

Backfire Board

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About Backfire Board

The entry-level Backfire boards are sleek and stylish electric skateboards. They are exceptionally good looking and probably in your budget. If you’re a longtime skater and want to upgrade to an electric skateboard while staying in budget, getting a Backfire board would be a wise decision. With this, you can upgrade both the functionality as well as the looks of the board you like to travel around on. It still has a DIY look, but a great looking electric skateboard to ride around on! A Backfire electric board might just be the best entry-level electric skateboard investment you make. To see how Backfire electric skateboards match up to the competitions, here are our Evolve board, Blitzart board, and Meepo board review articles.

Backfire Board Models and Highlights

You can get a Backfire board in several varieties and models. Choose which one suits your style and requirements the best. As they’re mostly entry-level electric skateboards, you can be sure they won’t burn a hole in your pocket. The Backfire 2 Board also comes with Backfire Board Instructions to guide people new to the world of electric skating get a better start.  

Backfire G2 Black

G2 Black

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The Backfire G2 Black is an affordable entry-level electric skateboard. Despite its low price, the board has a pleasing overall design. The design gives it a more streamlined and polished look as well as keeps things economic.

Product Features
  1. Setting itself apart, the Backfire G2 Black captures a great set of features and manages to show you great technical specs at a low price. The board is perfect for beginners upgrading to electric skateboards. The polished black looks make it look pleasing and premium.

  2. A 180Wh battery powers the Backfire G2 Black and it has a charging time of 3.5 hours. While the charging time is considerably higher compared to the competition, the board also covers up to 11mi or 18km in a single charge.

  3. To compensate where it lacks, the Backfire G2 Black has fast acceleration. It has a top speed of up to 24mph or 38kmph, which shows where the battery power is going towards.

  4. Moreover, the Backfire G2 Black also has a 94cm by 21cm board size and weighs about 7.3kg. It is a pretty durable board that is fast and heavy to give you a better riding experience and great balance.

  5. Backfire G2 Black can also ride easily up to 25 degrees incline. Its weight and design give it a streamlined and heavy form factor that gives a much better riding experience.

  6. This Backfire 2 board also has a nice set of 96mm wheels. They are large enough to contribute to a great vibration reduction from your path.

Backfire Mini

Backfire Mini

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This is a compact power packed carbon fiber-based electric skateboard. It’s perfect for people who travel a lot and don’t want to be away from their skateboard. It’s portable and capable enough to give you a great skateboarding experience.

Product Features
  1. The most important factor to consider when buying the Backfire Mini is to consider its dimensions and overall size. The deck is a 79cm by 22.5cm sized black carbon fiber-based design.

  2. The Backfire Mini, although small and compact, can reach up to 26mph or 42kmph with its 175Wh battery. The small battery takes a mere 1.5 hours to recharge and can cover up to 11mi or 18km in a single charge.

  3. Additionally, the board also weighs a very low 5.8kg. The carbon fiber is the reason for this low weight and high durability.

  4. The board can climb up to 30 degrees of incline and decelerates and accelerates quickly too.

  5. Although it’s on the pricier side, this board has enough features to make it worth your money. It also comes with the official Backfire Board Remote. The remote has telemetry features as well as quick connectivity and compatibility.

  6. Not only is the battery removable, but it also comes with the option of replacing its sleeves later on.

Backfire G2T


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The Backfire G2T is an essential upgrade from the discontinued Backfire G2S. It comes with some amazing upgraded features.

Product Details
  1. The Backfire Board Remote now includes an OLED display. It also has better connectivity and has more board settings.

  2. Backfire G2T can now reach speeds up to 24mph or 38kmph. The new charger and battery also charge much faster and last longer on a single charge.

  3. The wheel span is now 275mm, which greatly improves the balance of the board.

  4. The wheels are now 96mm in diameter and have an internal metal ring for better calibration and overall durability.

  5. The 216Wh battery is also much more improved to charge quickly within 2.5 hours. It lasts up to 15mil or 25km on a single charge. This is enough to last you a day and maybe more depending on your use. It becomes the perfect companion to ride outside your neighborhood and even when traveling. This Backfire Board extended battery lasts well enough to carry you through the day.

  6. The disadvantage the Backfire G2T still has is an unimpressive climbing angle. It just has 25degrees, so it might not be the best idea to take it to the hills or steep ramps.

  7. Backfire G2T also weighs a good 7.3kg which is another reason it is impressive in terms of balance, control, and handling.

  8. The board still has the option of replacing its sleeves. It also has 2 hub motors for better handling and overall power.

Backfire G3

Backfire G3

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This is more of an average board, that you cannot consider low end either too high end. The Backfire G3 is a great board that has impressive specs.

Product Details
  1. Since the Backfire G3 is not an entry-level board, its pricing is about $800 in the market. You can expect its overall specs to show how it is worthy of its price. Backfire G3 weighs a good 8kg, which enhances its overall balance and handling.

  2. The battery is a 260Wh battery which can last up to a good 18.5 mil or 30km on a single charge. Furthermore, the battery charges within 2.5 hours, and is capable enough to last you throughout the day. The battery power and capability of the board also make it possible for the board to climb inclines up to 30 degrees. So, a decent uphill or ramp is not ruled out of what it can climb.

  3. The Backfire G3 can also reach speeds up to 28.5mph or 46kmph. It outperforms the majority of Backfire Boards below its price and capability range.

  4. The board also has a fiberglass deck that is 39in L by 9.3in W or 99cm by 24cm. There are two 450W motors installed on the Backfire G3.

Backfire G3 Plus

G3 Plus

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The Backfire G3 plus is the upgraded version of the already awesome Backfire G3. Although the difference in price is about $200, there are still ample changes in technical specs as well as design and weight.

Product Details
  1. As a truly premium entry into the range of Backfire Boards, the Backfire G3 plus comes with a lot of upgrades from the Backfire G3 model. It is lighter, faster, and more powerful in all areas compared to the Backfire G3. Firstly, the battery has been upgraded from the 260Wh to now 346Wh in the newer Backfire G3 Plus.

  2. The Backfire G3 Plus weighs about 7.3kg which is 700g lighter than the Backfire G3. This weight reduction comes through the use of carbon fiber instead of the previous fiberglass frame material. Moreover, the Backfire G3 Plus offers better handling and balance. The board is also able to flex a lot more because of the carbon fiber.

  3. The charging time is also considerably higher compared to the Backfire G3. Due to this, it can offer more speed and lasts much longer. The Backfire G3 Plus now lasts up to 25mil or 40km which can easily last up to two days in an urban city.

  4. Moreover, the board can also reach top speeds of 28.5mph or 46kmph rather quickly. The battery and sleeves are both replaceable, and it also has upgraded motors. The Backfire Board G3 Plus has two motors each of 600W. There is a turbo mode, which uses up the battery reserve quickly.

Backfire Ranger X2

Backfire Ranger X2

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The Backfire Ranger X2 is an all-terrain amazing board. It’s one of the most premium-feeling and all-terrain electric skateboards from Backfire.

Product Details
  1. The Backfire Ranger X2 has dual 1200W motors installed. There is no question that the board is incredibly capable and fast. The tires are 6.5in honeycomb replaceable tires. It guarantees great performance and vibration reduction. However, despite the nature of tires, they work best in dry environments and get stuck in muddy or wet grass that is a bit too soft.

  2. On a single charge, the board lasts up to 22mil or 35km which is well enough to last a day and any casual riding around on your trips. The 454Wh battery works well enough to power this board’s demanding technical specs.

  3. Backfire Ranger X2 can also reach speeds of up to 22mph or 35kmph. This is average, but it is fast enough to zip through a variety of terrains without breaking a sweat.

  4. The board also weighs a heavy 10.8kg and can be tough to carry around for daily use. But, this also allows it to maintain its balance and provide adequate support and loading ability. It can hold up body weights up to 120kg and easily handles terrains such as hills, roads, parks, among others.

  5. The deck is also quite large and is about 106cm by 33cm or 41.7in by 13in and also has LED indicators built on the board. It also comes with off-road GPS. It can climb inclines up to 30 degrees, so it can also make for a good hilly experience!

  6. The new Hobbywing ESC makes the braking and acceleration smooth, efficient, and even more reliable than its previous version. The design also maintains the flexibility and durability of the previous Backfire Ranger X1.

Best Features about Backfire Boards

Backfire Boards are their leaders and come with amazing design and capabilities. The one thing that all Backfire Board models share in common is a great design, which shows uniformity across the various models to some extent. Here are some best features that the Backfire Boards are famous for:  

Body Design and Board Material

The lower end and premium Backfire Boards come with amazing quality and design. Many even share a good streamlined design that gives all of them a premium look. Additionally, the board material is made of Canadian Maple wood coupled with other varieties. These materials give them as much flexibility as durability. You can see a nice flexibility detail in the body design which even concaves, and still maintains its durability and balance. Moreover, some of the higher-end boards adopt carbon fiber to make them even more durable and lighter. This approach makes for a great looking board that is light, durable, and flexible.


Backfire Board Extended battery life maximizes speed and balance and cuts down energy wastage. You can expect your Backfire Board to have a minimum of 11mi in the lower end to 22-28mil in the higher-end models. Additionally, they also come with a turbo mode to give you enhanced speeds. But expect your battery to last shorter than advertised or expected. Under standard conditions and body weight, you can use the boards for a long time without recharging. It can even last up to 2 days of medium use.


Some of the higher boards such as Backfire Ranger X2 are weatherproof since it is an all-terrain board. Other boards such as Backfire G3 Plus also share some level of water and dust resistance. This also makes them a great option to go outside and experience in any kind of weather you like. But, this weatherproofing isn’t necessarily present in the low-end models.


The Backfire Board Remote is also included in each box. It comes with great support for OLED screens and easy connectivity to the board.

Frequently Asked Questions about Backfire Boards

How to Sync the Board and Controller of my Backfire Board G2T?
You can easily sync and pair your Backfire G2T Board with the remote. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Use a toothpick or a narrow pin-like object to go to the bottom part of the remote where you would see the “Set” label. Insert the toothpick or pin to press down on it.
  2. Now, make sure that your board ESC is on for pairing by pressing the button for 5 seconds till it blinks.
  3. This should make the board sync up with the remote and ready to go.
  4. You can see the lights on the Backfire Board Remote all turn to green as the process is successfully completed.
Where are the instructions of the Backfire Board Galaxy?
For your Backfire G2S Galaxy board, you can find the instructions in the booklet provided.
How to ride a Backfire Board?
Riding a Backfire Board is easy, and with the incredible balance and design along with an easy to use remote, you can have a great experience. This is even better if you have some experience riding other boards in the past. Here are some tips on accelerating and decelerating on your board:

  1. Starting the Ride: Use the remote to start your board and lean slightly forwards on your leg as it begins to speed up. Use the built-up momentum and speed to better control your road through leaning inwards, outwards, and forwards on your leg while on the board and in motion.
  2. Stopping your board: Stopping the Backfire Board is easy and should be done with care. Otherwise, you’re bound to fall off without proper body balance. Even if the board offers great balance and movement, it relies on the user to properly turn and stop. To stop, slowly brake using your remote first while bringing your body in a backward motion by leaning on your back. Eventually, you’ll get the hang of it and rely on your body to lean backward while simultaneously slowing down your electric skateboard to bring to a pause. Without using the proper body motion and quickly pressing the stop motion, you are bound to fall off your board.
Is the Backfire Board waterproof?
Yes, some of the boards have IP water-resistant certification. But, that goes for the electric components on the boards only. It doesn’t necessarily apply to the board and wheels. If you are thinking of using your board in rain or through a wet area or water puddle, it might not be a good idea. Your board can get soggy and start to lose its durability. The wheels can get rusty as well. It can start to affect the board’s performance as the rust destroys the metal rings and ball bearings in the wheel.
What is the fastest that my Backfire Board can go?
Although your Backfire Board comes with advertised speeds, you can reach them much faster by switching to the Turbo mode. All it takes to switch to Turbo mode is the button on the remote and you’re good to go. You do not have to switch between any other models as there are only two modes you can use for your Backfire board. You can reach speeds up to 42kmphh on the Backfire Mini and up to 46-47kmph on your Backfire G3 Plus. All the boards have their own speed limits, despite the Turbo mode activation.
Are Backfire Boards good?
Yes, Backfire Boards are a great choice for the adrenaline junkie as well as people looking to upgrade to electric skateboards. Moreover, each Backfire Board has its own set of specialties and a great shared design.
Should I choose Backfire G3 or Backfire G3 Plus?
The Backfire G3 is a great board but is on the pricier side. It is capable, durable and made of fiberglass and offers great performance. However, there is the issue of it being heavier than the G3 Plus. If you can, use the extra $200 to upgrade to the Backfire G3 Plus straight away, since the G3 Plus is lighter, feels more premium and made of carbon fiber. It is also weatherproof, so any water may not affect the board, but still can affect the wheels in both models. Going for the G3 Plus can give you better battery power, speeds, and longer range as well. It is the perfect premium board. However, it might be a better idea to consider the lower end lighter models if you do not fancy the larger mass of the Backfire G3.