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Evolve Board Review

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About Evolve Boards

Evolve boards are premium electric skateboards that value function as much as style. You can be sure that your Evolve Board carries your style. It’ll also make you feel good about its amazing performance. The boards are available in three varieties: The Stoke, the Bamboo GTR Series, and the Carbon GTR Series. Moreover, you can even have a completely customized board made especially for you and with the parts, colors you need. As premium boards, they come packed with features and a great build to dazzle onlookers and you. If you’re looking to compare Evolve products with other products to see how do they stack up, here’s our Meepo board and Boosted board reviews.

Various Models of Evolve Boards

Evolve Stoke Board

Evolve Stoke

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The Evolve Stoke Board is a great electric skateboard with a wooden finish you’re bound to love. To sweeten the deal, it has amazing speed and great looks with a prominent kick tail that gives it its charm.
Product Features
  1. The Evolve Stoke Board looks like a surfboard except for its decent technical specs and design. The board consists of 4 layers of bamboo and 2 layers of fiberglass. These materials give it great flexibility as well as a premium glossy look. The design of the motor mounds, the board, and kick tail are amazing. These show why it’s a great looking board from every angle.

  2. A 151.2Wh battery powers the Evolve Stoke board, and it isn’t very impressive for a board in this budget.

  3. The deck is about 33.5in or 85cm in length. It’s long enough to give you ample space.
  4. Moreover, the Evolve Stoke Board can only manage up to 10mil or 15km on a single charge. So, it is only good for a casual ride around the neighborhood for a while or to and fro from your workplace. This board is more suitable for people who prefer its looks and design over functionality.

  5. Evolve Stoke Board also weighs a heavy 8.16kg, so it isn’t a great idea to carry it around for traveling. But it is a great casual board for everyday use for people who want an electric skateboard without all the power and technical dynamics involved.

  6. The only issue you might experience with the Evolve Stoke Board is the extra care you need to take when using the kicktail. This is so you won’t damage the motor mounds in the back. Although it is designed for the best use and to prevent damage, reckless use can lead to potential damage.

Bamboo GTR Series

Evolve GTR Bamboo

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The Bamboo GTR Series is a well-crafted electric skateboard. It goes for as much functionality as looks. It is a premium electric skateboard that comes in three variants. The basic element they have in common is the simplistic but rugged look and a streamlined design. Let’s have a look at the common features that the boards share, followed by the individual technical specs:  
Product Features (GTR Series)
  1. The Bamboo GTR Series comes with two capable belt motors that are durable. They enable the boards to have a very powerful drive. The wide wheelbase is great for a generally impressive balance.
  2. The board is also a great design with some cool stripes on the side to give an overall minimalistic look.

  3. The battery housing and ESC run throughout the length of the board. This allows for flexibility. The entire enclosure has electric components well placed around the board.
Product Features (GTR Street)
  1. Evolve Bamboo GTR Street is a great urban exploration-focused electric skateboard. You can rely on it for daily use in your city and use around the neighborhood.

    1. The Evolve Bamboo GTR Street has a top speed of 26mph or 42kmph. This is blazingly fast for its price range. It is also capable enough to get you anywhere quickly. It is fast enough to avoid the traffic and zip to and from your work or other places fast.

    2. On a single charge, the Evolve Bamboo GTR can last a huge 31mil or 50km, which is nothing short of commendable. You can easily use it for huge distances, maybe even taking a trip outside the city and returning with a lot of charges left for the next day too. Its 504Wh battery has an amazing capacity and lasts long enough to last a couple of days of medium use.

    3. The Evolve Bamboo GTR Street has a deck size of 38in by 12in or 96cm by 30.6cm which is good enough to have ample space for you to move around on the board.

    4. The Evolve Bamboo GTR Street needs about 4-5 hours to recharge. This is to accommodate the huge range of this board and the power required for its amazing technical specs.

    5. The board also weighs heavy at 10.3 kg. It ensures great balance and handling when traveling at higher speeds. Despite the weight, it can still traverse inclines up to 30 degrees.

Product Features (GTR All-Terrain)
  1. Evolve Bamboo GTR All Terrain (AT) is one of the best electric skateboards that you can get. It is well built and capable enough to use on hills and in rough terrains.

    1. The Evolve Bamboo GTR All-Terrain has a 504Wh battery similar to the Street version and can last up to 19mil or 30km.

    2. The 7in pneumatic wheels further improve its durability and handling in tough environments.

    3. The GTR All Terrain also weighs heavy at 11.3kg. It is perfect for tough environments and is necessary for its overall maneuverability. However, this does affect the slope gradient it can climb up on. This board can climb up to 25 degrees in inclines and slopes.

    4. It has an impressive speed of 22mph or 36kmph. This gives you a cautious and fast speed necessary for rough environments.

    5. The battery requires 4-5 hours to charge and can only last up to a day of medium use outdoors.

  2. You can also switch the Evolve Bamboo GTR Street to work as the All-Terrain version with a wheel replacement. But the other parts may take some performance compensation.

Carbon GTR Series

Evolve GTR Carbon

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Evolve was the first to use carbon fiber in electric skateboards. This introduced the benefits of making the boards durable, light, and of course fast. The board has an amazing design coupled with capable electrical components and a durable black board. Like the Evolve Bamboo GTR Series, the Carbon GTR Series also comes in two variants:

Product Features
  1. Carbon GTR Street is one of the best and most stylish looking electric skateboards you can get. Going full force with the style factor, functionality and aesthetics, and technical specs, Carbon GTR Street is a beast. The board also integrates and conceals the battery and other electrical components well to avoid any damage.

  2. It can easily reach speeds up to 22-26mph or 35.4-41.8kmph which is fast enough for an urban environment. The board sweeps through urban localities and streets smoothly.

  3. The Carbon GTR Street can last up to 31mils or 50km in a single charge and can last you a couple of days without breaking a sweat.

  4. It can also climb up to 30 degrees on inclines, so a ramp or uphill roads wouldn’t be an issue for this power-packed board.

  5. The deck is about 39in lengthwise, which is huge. The wheelbase is also wide enough to give you proper balance and support and is about 37in along the length of the board.

  6. Even the trucks are reliable with 12in width. The Carbon GTR Street is also equipped with dual 1500W motors which make it run amazingly fast.

  7. Additionally, the board takes a charging time of 4-5 hours and also weighs about 9.8kg. Given the overall dimensions and the design of the board, the carbon fiber manages to make this board lighter and faster.

Carbon GTR All Terrain

Carbon GTR AT


The handmade carbon-fiber all-terrain board requires no introduction in terms of build quality. It is an extremely capable all-terrain version of the Carbon GTR Series. It takes after the capabilities of the GTR Street version with some tweaks.

Product Features
    1. The board is 39in or 101cm in length. It has a great sleek design to give you proper balance, flexibility, and durability.

    2. The Carbon GTR All Terrain is also equipped with dual 1500W motors. It gives the board great balance and speeds up to 22-26mph, the same as the GTR Street version.

    3. The battery also gives the Carbon GTR All-Terrain an impressive range of up to 31mils or 50km. It takes between 4-5 hours to charge.

    4. The board can also be interchanged and its battery swapped with the Street version and weighs as per the battery installed. However, with its default battery, the Carbon GTR All-Terrain weighs about 10.7kg. This is quite heavy and good for an all-terrain board. This gives the board adequate handling and balance.

    5. Unlike the Bamboo series, the Carbon GTR All Terrain series also has an upgrade in the form of the slope it can ride. Now this board can ride up to 30 degrees inclines and slopes. It has great braking and acceleration too and comes with regenerative charging.

Frequently Asked Questions about Evolve Boards

How to use new Evolve Board GT Remote Control?
The Evolve Board GT remote control is easy to use and pairs with your skateboard. The remote is quite simple by design. The right and left buttons are for switching between the different modes. You can use the right button to switch to faster modes. Use the left button to switch to slower modes and change your board speed without any hassle.
How long does it take to receive my evolve board?
Depending upon where you buy your board from, you can expect your board to reach your doorstep within a fortnight or earlier.
How to make the Evolve GT Board waterproof?
Evolve GT Board isn’t naturally waterproof or even resistant with an IP certification. So you can use DIY methods to create a waterproof seal around the electric component housing on the underside of the board. Use a glue gun to line the entire area with hot glue. But make sure that the glue doesn’t reach too far inside to affect the electric components.
How to turn off the Evolve Board?
All you need to do to turn off your Evolve board is to hold down on the ON/OFF button on the remote and then proceed to turn off the board button on the underside of the board.
What material is the Evolve Board’s deck made of?
The major variety of Evolve Boards are made out of Bamboo but you can also get carbon fiber in the more premium boards.
Why does my Evolve GT Board suddenly brake when I accelerate?
Although incredibly rare, a sudden braking can happen because of some firmware issues or physical environment and general use of your board. But, the sudden braking happened in cases when the battery was below 50%. It can be one of the rare glitches or faults you can find in some boards.
Where are Evolve Boards manufactured?
The Evolve Boards are made in a dedicated factory in China and then sent to warehouses in Europe and the USA.