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Meepo Board Review

Meepo Board

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Introduction About Meepo Board:

As one of the more affordable ranges of the entry-level electric skateboards, Meepo boards present you with a simple look and great value. If you’re a fan of gliding on your board rather than walking, you share the love of skateboarding that Meepo offers. Generally, Meepo skateboards present a great value for money across their entire range. It’s something the users also like- to have the feel of this board while zipping through the street. With electric skateboards, you can do so much more. If you want to focus more time on your board minus all the paddling, this is the right ride for you. But, the best thing about the Meepo boards is their performance and the simplistic general design.

Various Versions of Meepo Board:

Meepo electric skateboards are modeled after DIY skateboards, just with the addition of powerful electric components. Because of this, there are various varieties and models of the Meepo boards you can get. Although they’re more of entry-level electric skateboards, Meepo boards are capable and offer a great experience. Here are the Meepo Board models you can choose from:

Meepo Board V2

Meepo V2

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As one of the best skateboards, you can get in the entry-level and has value for money. The Meepo Board v2 is a perfect candidate for casual use. You can skate on it on the way to work or casually drift around. Its powerful motor gives you a fast and thrilling experience. It has a great traditional design with capable technical specs that give it value for money.

Product Features
  1. The 800W dual motor is a great power-packed feature that comes along with a capable speed controller (the inbuilt Meepo ESP). This not only gives you a speed up to 29 mph but also gives reliable decelerating as well as accelerating features.

  2. The breaks in Meepo Board V2 are just as reliable with a lot of upgrades across the board from the previous version. The upgrades also make it possible to decrease the stopping distance.

  3. The Meepo board battery in the Meepo board V2 comes in further two variants named- Standard and Tesla. The Standard variant is a Samsung 20R battery. The Tesla variant has an additional 10 km of distance coverage before it runs out. To charge the Meepo board battery, it can take up to 2 hours. The battery is also replaceable.

  4. The Meepo Board V2 is 38in by 9in in size and weighs about 7.2 kg.

Meepo Board V3

Meepo V3

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A refreshed version of the Meepo Board V2, the Meepo Board V3 is another great and affordable model in the entry-level range. It further comes in 2 varieties – the Meepo Board V3 and the Meepo Board V3 ER.

Product Features
  1. Still maintaining the 38in by 9in dimensions, the Meepo Board V3 has a great maple wood base that is durable enough to sustain over 250 pounds of body load.

  2. The Meepo Board V3 has an 11 mile (18 km) range and can go up to a speed of 28mph. This is good enough considering the 3 hour charge time. Additionally, the Meepo Board V3 battery is not only replaceable but weatherproof as well. So, occasional splashes and dust might not age or stop it from working.

  3. The accelerating and decelerating features of the Meepo Board V3 are also improved slightly with the new LingYi ESC upgrade. There are additional upgrades where you can play around with different acceleration velocities. There is a 4.5-second acceleration in the Meepo Board V3, which is a huge upgrade to the 8-second ones in the Meepo Board V2. To be more specific, it takes less than 5 seconds on the Meepo Board V3 to reach 20 miles per hour! The top speed of the Meepo Board is easily achieved in such a quick time, and it is something worth praising for an entry-level board.

  4. The overall balance and braking in the Meepo Board V3 are where it takes all the praise points. You can expect the best braking and overall stabilization in the Meepo Board V3. This feature is something rare to find in a budget electric skateboard. This makes sure you don’t expect unnecessary potential falls because of loose balance or sudden braking.

Meepo NLS Pro

Meepo NLS Pro

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This falls into the costlier versions of the Meepo boards. It comes with a more polished look and added features to give you a much better riding experience. As one of the premium electric skateboards in the Meepo board range, the Meepo NLS has some exciting features to give you a reason to upgrade.

Product Features
  1. The Meepo NLS Pro can reach a top speed of 26mph or 42kmph within 5 seconds. Additionally, it has a lower charging time than the Meepo Board V3 which has a charging time of up to 3 hours.

  2. The NLS pro weighs around 7.2 kg and has a sleek and durable build. It’s fairly heavy, so it might need more maintenance and care.

  3. Its 180 WH battery is hidden well in a great looking housing below the board. It not only charges quickly but also lasts up to 14m or 22.5km of usage. So, this board is great for urban exploration or even your everyday office to and fro.

  4. Another great thing about the Meepo NLS pro is that it can even work and ride up to a 30-degree slope without any effort. Meaning, you might not be able to use it for your skate park.

  5. The battery is also replaceable and easily removable and an upgraded ESC motor gives it a bit more smoothness and balance than the Meepo Board V3.

  6. The brakes are also upgraded to stop faster and without any balance loss on the NLS Pro. Moreover, the brake modes can also adjust with a few clicks on the remote that comes with it!

  7. The acceleration seems a bit slower in comparison to other models. However, it’s still fast enough to reach its top speed in under 5 seconds. Yes, it’s a great accelerator and decelerator which comes in a sleek and polished black package.

Meepo AWD Pro

Meepo AWD Pro

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The Meepo AWD Pro is the most expensive and loaded electric skateboard from the Meepo board range. It comes with a much more good looking board as well as an entire package of top-class features. It is the upgraded version of the discontinued AWD GT and meant for much rougher and long term use.

Product Features
  1. One of the best in class boards that not only reaches zipping fast speeds but also more power and incline riding support. The Meepo AWD Pro can reach speeds up to 34mph or 55kmph. This is something you would not get from other boards from Meepo. The board also has four 540W motors which not only gives it balance but immense power.

  2. The Meepo AWD Pro is also able to speed up and decelerate incredibly fast. With all the speed and power included, it still provides amazing balance to the rider. It has an accelerating speed of a mere 2.5s, so you would need adequate protective gear to stand with proper balance with such acceleration.

  3. Meepo AWD Pro is one of the best hill-incline electric skateboards in this budget range. It is as good at climbing uphill as it is at braking smoothly and quickly downhill. To be specific, it can stand an inclination of up to 35 degrees, compared to the other 30 degree supporting models from Meepo.

  4. Another great thing about the Meepo AWD Pro is its ability to last long enough to get you around the city or your work and last a day. The range it can cover on a single charge is up to 15 miles or 24.2 km. Moreover, it can withstand a bodyweight of up to 136kg. As being a 10.6kg board set up itself, it is pretty durable and able to withstand heavy body weight, even on slopes.

Meepo Mini 2

Meepo Mini 2

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A small electric skateboard, but the technical specs say anything but “small” about it. It is a 30-inch board that can run fast, fit into small places as well as last long.

Product Features
  1. The 30-inch board size gives it a functional kicktail to give you better control and stopping power. The Meepo Mini 2 is also able to ride up to a 30-degree incline. It also has regenerative brakes to give it a great stopping and decelerating power as well.

  2. Although small, it can match in speed with the other regular-sized models from Meepo. It can reach speeds up to 24mph or 39kmph. Two 540 W motors make it capable enough to last under pressure and add speed.

  3. The battery can take up to 2-3 hours to recharge and can even last for up to 11 miles or 18km. Moreover, the Meepo Mini 2 can support a bodyweight of up to 136 kg despite having a small board length.

  4. The Mini 2 has a compact board with 30in L by 9in W and comes with a decent 21.5in wheelbase. It also comes with a better stopping motor system – Meepo ESC V6.0. The Meepo Mini 2 also comes in with 2 variants – The Meepo Mini 2 and Meepo Mini 2 ER.

Meepo Mini 2ER

Meepo Mini 2 ER

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This is the slightly upgraded and upper-end version of the Meepo Mini 2. It comes with some powered up technical specs to give you a better experience.

Product Features
  1. The Meepo Mini 2 ER also has a better battery life to last up to 20mil or 32km. The 288Wh battery charges in about 3 hours approx.

  2. The Meepo Mini 2 ER also weighs about 800g heavier than its predecessor. It’s better suited for people who want the form and design of the small Meepo Mini 2 while still getting capable technical skills to roam around.

  3. However, because of its small form, the riding experience can deteriorate. You will feel all the vibrations beneath your feet for the smallest dents and pebbles.

Best Features of Meepo Boards:

Meepo Boards have their own set of technical specs that they specialize and outshine competitors with:


For an entry-level range of e-boards, the Meepo Boards’ mileage is impressive. With a mere 2-4 hour charge, various models of the Meepo Board can cover between 11- 20 miles from the lowest to the highest model respectively. This means for a casual day skating on the Meepo Board is entirely possible. Moreover, you can even make it part of your lifestyle to skate to work and avoid the traffic-filled lanes of cars and bikes by zipping on the side. The Meepo boards offer enough mileage to last you a long time with short charging time.


Meepo boards offer impressive speeds. For entry-level DIY style electric skateboards, the Meepo Boards can reach up to 29mph or 45 km per hour. This is accompanied by a brake that will balance the entire board and give you a swift and graceful slowdown. This is especially commendable because of its impressive battery level and the overall braking system. If you’re looking to compare Meepo boards with other brands here is our Evolve board review article to help you out.

Frequently Ask Question About Meepo Boards

Where is the Meepo Board made?
The Meepo Boards are made in Shenzhen, China and ship worldwide via various online retailers.
Are Meepo Boards good?
Meepo Boards are excellent quality. It also has immense value for money as far as the entry-level market competition stands. With little charging times, you should have no issues using the boards for at least half a day or an entire day. Moreover, even the lowest and most affordable of their models have a great design and impressive battery life, speed and brakes. Design-wise, they look more like DIY setups as some parts are replaceable, too.
Are Meepo Board models waterproof?
Not all the boards in the Meepo Board range are water and weatherproof. For example, the most widely known board to have water and weather resistance is the Meepo Board V3. This model is water-resistant because of the glue and overall structure which hides its electrical components from any water getting in
How long does it take to get a Meepo Board?
Depending upon your location, you can either get the board within a fortnight or a month. As it ships from China, direct orders may take longer, and Amazon delivery might be faster depending on availability and your location.
How to remove Meepo Board battery?
Since the battery is integrated and screwed tight into place to avoid any damage, it is safely housed in a visible housing in Meepo Boards:

  1. Firstly, unscrew the housing to reveal the battery which is in place.
  2. Unplug the battery and take it out.
  3. The battery is now visible and easy to replace with the same steps in reverse.
  4. Make sure you tighten the housing to secure the battery back in place.
How to adjust the Meepo Board?
You can maintain and adjust your Meepo Board in a variety of ways. If you need to adjust your brake, all you need to do is first press the braking button and then the power button till the LED lights go up to your required level.
How many miles can the Meepo Board go?
Depending on the model, you can easily get between 11- 20 miles on average on your Meepo Board.
What motor does the Meepo Board use?
The Meepo Boards use different motors depending on the kind of board you have. But their most capable and widely known versions, the Meepo Board V2 and Meepo Board V3, use different versions of the ESC battery.
What accessories should I get with a Meepo Board V2?
You can get a variety of accessories, both functional and safety-related for your Meepo Board V2:

  1. A Meepo Skateboard helmet is the absolute essential. This is to protect your head from potential accidents and a must when riding any electric skateboards.
  2. For the overall durability and protection of your Meepo Board on the go, it is also a good idea to get the Meepo Skateboard Bag.
  3. You can also get a variety of different and attractive grip tapes to further customize the look and improve your keep with the already great balance.
  4. Having an extra pair or two of wheels is also recommended with your Meepo Board. With wheels on hand, you can replace them on the spot in case of any potential accident or necessary repairs. The wheels are available with PU sleeves and a great accessory to have for your Meepo Board.
  5. Depending on your body weight and preference, you can also buy additional shredder pieces.
  6. You can customize your Meepo Board with the right motor as per your preference. Motors are also sold separately. Even an extra battery charge is a good idea in case you ever run out of battery in an uncomfortable situation.
How to charge a Meepo Board remote?
You can simply plug and charge your Meepo Board remote with the USB port given on the lower end of the remote. Use a wall charger, power bank or a USB wall inlet to supply power to it via a USB Cable.
Is it safe to buy a used Meepo Board?
It can be perfectly safe and wise to be a used Meepo Board, but do so only if you’re a smart buyer. Checking all the details such as date of manufacture, purchase, getting an idea of usage per day and wear, tear and getting several tests would be the best option. A used Meepo Board can still be in pristine condition despite several weeks of use, and safe to buy. However, it is best to test and inspect it in person before making a purchase decision. Sometimes users can sell off boards wanting to go for higher upgrades and sell their initial ones for a lower price!