Skateboard Accessories

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  1. What Skateboard Accessories Should I Get?
    1. Most Popular Helmet
      1. Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike and Skateboard Helmet
      2. JBM Skateboard Helmet CPSC ASTM Certified Impact Resistance Ventilation
    2. Most Popular Lights
      1. IWONDER V2.0 Skateboard Light
      2. Board Blazers LED Underglow Lights for Skateboards
    3. Most Popular Decals
      1. 135 Pcs Stickers Pack Variety – Cartoon & Galaxy Style Vinyl Decals DIY
      2. 100 Piece Skateboard Stickers Vintage Vinyl Laptop Luggage Decals Dope Sticker Mix Lot
    4. Most Popular Service Skateboard Kit
      1. Everland Eskape All-in-One Skate Tools
      2. Zeato All-in-One Skate Tools Multi-Function Portable Skateboard T Tool Accessory
      3. Jessup Skateboard Griptape Sheet: The Choice of pro-Skaters Worldwide
      4. Mob Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet Black 33″ Long X 9″ Wide – No Bubble Application
    5. Most Popular Skateboard Remote Control
      1. Focket Electric Skateboard ESC Kit, Electric Longboard
      2. Mini 2.4GHz Radio Remote Control Transmitter with 4 Channel Splash Proof Receiver
      3. Hubro Designs Boosted Board Longboard Backpack
      4. Dakine Atlas Backpack
  2. Skateboard Accessories
    1. Comparison Chart
  3. How To Choose The Right Skateboard Motor?
    1. Types of Motors
      1. Belt Driven Motors
      2. Hub Motors
  4. FAQ
    1. What do the numbers mean?
    2. Do you want a single or a dual motor?
    3. How to choose the right wheels for your Skateboard?
    4. Where you will be Skating?
    5. How to choose the right helmet?
    6. How does the helmet feel on you?
    7. Final Verdict

What Skateboard Accessories Should I Get?

triple eight dual certified bike and skateboard helment

Safety is the utmost priority when it comes to skating. That said, a reliable helmet is essential to give you the security whenever you’re on the road. Above all of the helmet choices in the market, the Triple Eight Dual Certified Skateboard Helmet has plenty of reasons to deserve the rave. Not only it comes in plenty of different sizes and colors, but it also features plenty of security advantages that promise to make your pennies worth.

Helmets are one of the best skateboard accessories to own if you want to stay safe while riding.


    • Adjustable chin strap with release buckle

      Apart from safety, comfort is equally important. Hence, a helmet with adjustable strap is essential to provide you with a perfect fit and to reduce risks of falling off while you’re on the move. This helmet features a side release buckle that makes it easy for you to remove the helmet without the hustles.

    • Dual certification

      Unlike any other skateboard helmets, this helmet is certified with impact-absorbing EPS foam liner and ABS shell. It also complies with the ASTM F-1492 and CPSC bike skate safety standards. The helmet also has two sets of removable sweat saver and moisture-wicking fit pads for a customized fit.

    • Durable Construction

      The ABS shell is impact resistant. It provides you with the confidence you need on the road. Additionally, the manufacturers also back it up with at least a 180-day warranty to ensure that you are comfortable with the investment.

jbm skateboard helmet

If you are on a tighter budget, this JBM skateboard helmet is your perfect fit. It comes at an affordable price featuring assorted designs and selection that is on par with any of the premium helmets. Additionally, this helmet is also suitable for multiple types of sports to ensure you are comfortable and safe in any adventure.

This is one of the skateboard accessories that you need to own in order to be safe when riding daily.


    • Impact resistance

      This helmet is designed to resist any impact in case of an accident. The outer shell was made with a durable and tough construction material that can withstand any severe collision impact. The EPS, PVC, & PC foam also helps in absorbing impact at the same time exhibiting strong thermal insulation.

    • Ventilation

      This headgear has a special aerodynamic design with breathable foam to keep you cool and ventilated all the time. The multiple vents also ensure that there is sufficient air circulation hence reducing the chances of perspiration.

    • Different head sizes

      Its sizes range from 50-54cm. Therefore, it will be easy for you to choose the right size, depending on your head size. Additionally, every helmet has adjustable chin straps that ensure the helmet is stable on the head regardless of its fits. The straps also have a side buckle that enhances the balance of the helmet while you are on the move.

iwonder v2.0 skateboard light
Most Popular Lights

Trust us, skating in the dark brings more harm than joy. Luckily this Iwonder V2.0 skateboard light features a sleek design and it’s waterproof whereby the brightness of the light doesn’t deteriorate even in the toughest condition. What’s better is this skateboard light is very versatile as it can be installed as head or tail lights depending on your preference.

This is one of the skateboard accessories that you need to own to ensure your safety while riding. If you want to know more about electric skateboards and accessories, you can read our reviews on


    • Easy to install

      Unlike any other skateboard lights, it features an easy installation process that’s even suitable for a beginner. It only requires basic tools to tighten or loosen the screws. However, you must identify the right spot to install the right to ensure it lights your path.

    • Five lighting modes

      iWonder V2.0 allows customization with different lighting variations. You can choose from either solid red or white, flashing white or red, and alternating red-white strobes. The different lighting modes also make it easy to identify the appropriate longboard headlights and taillights.

    • Super bright

      Let’s be real, it’s dangerous to skate during the night. Not to mention if you couldn’t see clearly. This skateboard light promises to project the best lighting regardless if it’s on a rainy day or during snowy weather. A plus point for this light is it also features Mirco-COB chips, which provide up to 210 degrees wide beam. It’s powered by rechargeable USB supported batteries that take approximately 2 hours to be fully charged. Besides, it has an automatic cut-off system that helps in protecting your battery longevity. When fully charged, the batteries can run up to 4-hours uninterrupted.

board blazer led underglow lights for skateboards

If you are a night skater, this board blazer LED lights will make a perfect fit for you. You can simply mount them at the bottom of your skateboard, and it will emulate the ideal light for you on the road. If you value your safety, this is one of the most essential skateboard accessories.


    • Designed for tricks

      These lights are attached to the bottom of the skateboard. Therefore, when you’re showing off your skating tricks such as flipping, grinding, or cruising at night, these lights are here to elevate the experience and to give it a little more characteristics. Additionally, the lights give you a chance to ride in style as the lights amplify your moves all night.

    • Durable construction

      The lights are covered with a plastic casing, which ensures that they are convenient for all time use. The plastic cover is water-resistant and certainly long-lasting too even under the scorching hot weather. The case is also impact resistant hence keeping your lights sturdy even when you glide through harsh terrains.

    • Enhances visibility

      Although the lights are mounted underneath the skateboard, they guarantee that you will have a clear vision for you and the rest of the road users too. The lights come in different non-glaring colors like blue, red, green, and more.

cartoon and galaxy style vinyl decal sticker pack

You don’t have to skate with a plain board all the time. Spice it with some of the most popular stickers and enhance the look easily. These 135 pcs stickers come in a variety of styles that’ll surely meet your expectations. Regardless if you’re in search of stickers with cool, abstract to contemporary designs, you’ve got it all here.

If you want your board to be unique, this is one of the skateboard accessories that will help you achieve that.


    • Different sticker designs

      Find different styles from cartoons to galaxy style vinyl stickers within a pack here. All the stickers are uniquely designed to ensure you get that perfect style that matters. Additionally, decals designs are strong and durable. Therefore, when you stick, you are sure it will last for a long period.

    • Perfect fit

      The stickers have a mixture of big and small sizes, assuring you that it can fit any spot. You can also use the designs to stick on a motorcycle, computer keyboards, or bicycle graffiti. Therefore, you are guaranteed that these pieces will not only provide you with a unique image but also will help distinguish your board from others.

vintage vinyl laptop luggage decals sticker bomb

With at least 100 pieces of skateboard stickers, you can give your board a vintage look and still make it stand out. It also provides you with a unique taste to ensure that your board has a personalized touch while protecting its original board material.


    • Durable designs

      All the included stickers are uniquely designed to last long. Since you may not have control of the weather, these stickers are here to save the day. Its scratch-resistance and its adhesive is something you cannot underestimate. They have a unique sun and water protection feature that ensures your sticker will last longer without peeling off. Additionally, the protection guarantees that the stickers will maintain the image quality for a longer time.

    • Different styles

      This sticker pack comes in with different styles that range from popular brands to exotic graphics. Additionally, the stickers have different sizes to ensure that you can get that perfect look and cover a large area with few pieces. They also come with a combination of cartoons, favorite actors, random writing, etc.

everland eskape all in one skate tool
Most Popular Service Skateboard Kit

If you often use your skateboard as your main means of transport, then keeping it in good working condition is important. After all, you do not want to spend a few hundred bucks on a skateboard just to realize they’re no longer in good use after a few usages. The solution to your problem is to own a skateboard kit. While not many are as compact and versatile, Everland Eskape is all you need to save the day.

If you want your board to be in tip-top shape, this is one of the skateboard accessories that you need to get.


    • Slimmer, compact design

      This tool kit features a slim design for easy transportation. The compact design guarantees that the kit can fit in any storage space and does not require any extra room to keep it safe.

    • All-in-one multi-function

      With this complete kit, you will have all the necessary tools to service your board from top to bottom. It can open and tighten screws of any design without straining your skills. Unlike other brands, the all-in-one tool provides you with Allen key normal screwdrivers.

    • Sidelock feature

      The screwdriver of a skating deck is relatively small in size, and unless you are careful, it can easily fall off while you are skating. However, this has a side lock feature where you lock the driver’s secure transportation. Additionally, the side lock is designed in a special way to ensure the screwdriver can withstand the pressure. Therefore, unless you remove it, you are guaranteed that it will remain in lock position for a long time.

    • Quality material

      Another benefit of this skate service kit is that it has a unique construction style, and the material is super strong. This ensures that the kit will continue to provide you with quality services without having to replace it.

zeato all in one skate tool

Ensure to keep your skateboard safe and in good condition for it to serve you right. With the right tool accessory, it becomes easy for you to fix a few skateboard problems before they escalate into something bigger. This is what you’ll get with this ZEATO all-in-one skate tools.

This tool is one of the essential skateboard accessories to have especially if you need to fix your board on the fly.


    • Lightweight construction

      The tool weighs for this tool is 0.26lbs only. Therefore, you can comfortably place it in your pocket and walk comfortably without anyone realizing it. The lightweight construction style makes it convenient for all time use. Despite its light-weight material, Zeato is proven to be durable.

    • Innovative structure

      The skateboard T tool has three different size sockets to drive various screws. Additionally, it has a slide-out head wrench that perfectly fits into the head when not in use. Additionally, it has a strong Allen key driver that connects with the T tool accessory for easy servicing of your board within your comfort.

    • Multi-functional tool

      The T tool is specifically designed to ensure your skateboard is comfortable for any skating adventures. It can drive any type of screws that you might need to tighten. Its unique head design also guarantees that the tool is comfortable to handle in any condition.

    • All-in-one design

      Zeato always comes in handy whenever you need to service your skateboard wheels or even to clean the bearing. Its ergonomic design ensures that you can service your board from top to bottom comfortably even without professional skills.

    • Storage pouch

      When not in use, you don’t have to worry about the tool laying everywhere. It comes with a comfortable pouch that ensures the tool is safely stored. The pouch also helps protect your tools from rust and other hazardous experiences.

Jessup Skateboard Griptape Sheet

This Jessup skateboard grip tape enhances your balance while skating on various terrains. The tape holds firmly on the board and will not peel off easily even after being exposed to the water. One worthy note is when you’re installing the grip tape, you need to ensure the tape is placed nicely to minimize the chances of bubble accumulation.


    • Long-lasting

      With this grip tape from Jessup, you are guaranteed that it will last much longer and still provide you with the same professional performance as a new one. The grip tape is designed using top-quality material, and it provides solid rock bonding on deck. The tape was made for easy-trimming but at the same time made durable to withstand tearing or damaging.

    • Solvent-based adhesive stick

      Unlike other grip tapes on the market, this one ensures that it fits perfectly. Therefore, it will allow you to customize your board and give it a personalized touch depending on your expectations. Additionally, its high traction enhances your controls, giving you super confidence while performing various tricks.

    • Super large

      This grip tape measures 10-inches X 60 feet. Therefore, when you invest in this, you will not have to go back and forth to the shops once you exhaust your current grip tape.

mob skateboard grip tape

This grip tape is designed to provide skaters with excellence in all of their skating adventures. The mob skateboard grip tape sheet eliminates all possibilities of bubbles during installation to ensure your deck has a smooth surface. Therefore, it will offer a perfect grip all the time regardless of your tricks while on the board. If you want to feel your board more, this is one of the skateboard accessories that you have to get.


    • Quality construction

      The grip tape measures 9” wide X 33” long. This guarantees that it will perfectly fit on your deck including the longer skateboards. This tape comes in a darker tone as it’s more resistant to dirt prints, and it is also easier to maintain.

    • Easy to install

      Installing this grip tape is super easy. First, you’ll need to peel off the paper tape and gently place the grip on the deck. Simply press it down with your hands to eliminate any air bubbles then gently tape to stick on the deck. Then smoothen the edges by removing the excess grip tape to prevent it from peeling off.

focket electric skateboard esc kit
Most Popular Skateboard Remote Control

If you are thinking of taking your skating experience to the professional level, then include the Focket electric skateboard ESC kit is all you need. The remote control enhances your tricks and gives you better balance and control over the rough terrains.


    • Multi-functional

      Synchronizing your skateboard with remote control provides you with multi-functions. The remote makes it easy for you to support your speed, protects against overcurrent, and makes your board safe and reliable to use. Additionally, it gives you alerts when your electric board requires it to be recharged. Hence, preventing you from getting stuck on the road.

    • High-quality construction

      The remote is designed to last longer and still perform better. Its material is super strong, which guarantees that it can perfectly connect to any skateboard and offer the same professional performance.

    • Easy connection

      It has basic wire connections, which guarantees that you can simply get it ready for use in the comfort of your home. However, it requires professional installation to avoid getting accident while skating. The transmitter is super strong, and it can operate up to a maximum range of 100 feet.

mini 2.4ghz radio remote control transmitter

It has a simple design that makes it easy to operate, and it’s convenient. If you are enthusiast about speed while skating, this mini 2.4GHz radio remote control features four-channel splash receivers that cater to your need. This


    • Ergonomic design

      This remote control has a pistol type handgrip allowing you to operate it at ease comfortably. The ergonomic design also ensures that it will remain steady on your hands even when operating through harsh weather conditions.

    • AA battery power

      The remote is powered with 2pcs AA batteries. However, they are not included in the package. The 2pcs offer the ideal power to operate the remote and give you all the controls you’ll ever need with just a few buttons. Additionally, it has an extension antenna to ensure all signals are transmitted and receivable up to transmit 80 meters’ distance.

    • 4-channel receiver

      What makes this remote control so convenient and a must-have piece is that it offers different channels, allowing you easy access from any directions. It also has adjustable steering and throttle for easy controls. The remote control also provides you with ideal forward and backward brakes to minimize your chances of colliding.

hubro designs boosted board longboard backpack

This Hubro backpack is all you need for easy transportation of your skateboard. It has a unique design that guarantees your board of any sizes to be fitted-in perfectly. As for the adjustable strap is an add to ensure you’re able to transport the skateboards safely with minimal efforts.


    • Ergonomic construction

      This backpack is designed to ensure you can transport your skateboard from one place to the other effortlessly. It has an additional top accessory pocket where you can store small items like phone, keys, and wallet. It also has side mesh pockets where you can store water and other energy drinks to keep you active and hydrated.

    • Laptop sleeve

      Apart from carrying your skateboard, the backpack also has sufficient space where you can store your laptop and other gadgets too. The backpacks’ main compartment is well padded to keep your laptop safe. If you want portability, this one of the essential skateboard accessories for you.

dakine atlas backpack

If you are often traveling and you want a backpack that will help you travel with your skateboard, then Dakine Atlas Backpack is all you need. It is made of quality material and has sufficient storage space.


    • Quality material

      The backpack is made of polyester fabric. This is super strong and will guarantee that the backpack will last much longer. Additionally, the polyester construction ensures that it will withstand all the weight and still maintain its classic design.

    • More pockets

      Unlike any other backpack on the market, this has 4-exterior pockets and one interior slip. Therefore, you will have sufficient storage space where you can carry your wallet, phone, keys, and other small items safely. It also has a side pocket where you can pack simple snacks, especially while you are going for an adventure.

    • Strong straps

      The backpack has double strong straps that are adjustable. Therefore, regardless of your height, you are sure that the backpack will be comfortable and will allow you to maneuver at ease. On the other hand, it has a strong top handle that allows you to lift the bag easily as you kick start your journey. It is one of the most secure skateboard accessories of its kind.

Skateboard Accessories

Comparison Chart

Helmet Coverage Weight Sizing
Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike Helmet 8/10 Light, 1 pound Comfortable fit
JBM Skateboard Helmet 10/10 Light 1.2 pounds General fit
Lights Charging time Lighting modes Working lifetime
IWONDER V2.0 Light 2 hours 5 modes 4 hours
Board Blazers LED Glow Lights None 8 modes 30 hours
Decals Size Number Weight
100 Skateboard Stickers 2-3 inches 100 pieces 1.6 ounces
135-piece Sticker Piece 3 inches 135 pieces 3.5 ounces
Service Kit Design Weight Functionality
Everland Eskape Compact 1.6 ounces Multi-functional
Zeato Skate Tools Compact 0.26 pounds Multi-functional
Grip Tape Stick Weight Size
Jessup Grip Tape Solvent Absorbent Stick 6.35 pounds 10inches by 60 feet
Mob Grip Tape Solvent Absorbent 3 pounds 33 inches by 9 inches
Remote Weight Power Use
Focket Electric Remote 7 ounces 430 W Easy for DIY
Mini Radio Remote 8 ounces 2cc AA Batteries Easy to use

How To Choose The Right Skateboard Motor?

The motor you select for your skateboard determines how far they will go, the amount of weight they can carry, and generally the ease of use. Choosing a motor is one of the most crucial steps in finding the right accessories for your skateboard. You must first decide which motor you want and how many you will need. If you want a faster and efficient ride, this is one of the skateboard accessories you need to be familiar with.

Types of Motors

One of the first things you will have to decide is what is the best motor for you. There are two main types of motors to choose from:

Belt Driven Motors

The belt-driven motors, as their name suggests, run on two pulleys. One of the pulleys is on the wheel, and the other is on the motor. This motor is attached to the board separately from the wheels. It often trucks through a bracket. The motor shaft has a gear, and there is another on the running wheel.

These gears connect the rubber belt and the running wheels. The biggest brand of electric skateboard motors, Boosted Boards, uses belt-driven motors. The belts rotate the wheels just like the pedals on a bicycle rotates the wheels. There is a chain that allows the front sprocket to drive the rear ones.

The belt-driven motor offers its users a higher torque. The belt allows there to be an input gear and an output gear on the wheel. When you change the gear sizes, you are also increasing the multiple torques. This technology is similar to that of how the cars change its torque depending on the gear transmissions.

Besides, you also get more wheel options. Since the motor is not joined to the wheels, you have much more flexibility when changing the wheels. You will also enjoy the improved heat dissipation because the air circulation is allowed when riding.

However, there are some demerits to using this type of motor for your skateboard. For instance, the design for this motor is loud. The belt makes much more noise than most skaters. The motor is also exposed and thus does not allow you to go over water and rough terrain easily. If you do not have battery power, it is extremely difficult to drive it since the gear gives you an advantageous lever. But, when it is not running, you face more friction.

Hub Motors

The hub drives the motor to transfer the power to the wheels directly because it is part of the wheels. It uses a DC motor, like the open found in numerous kid’s toys. On the skateboard, this motor is bigger, has an axle attached to it, and a urethane rubber wrapping.

As a result of its make, it gives users much more speed. There are no gears to multiply the torque, and therefore they deliver higher speeds than their belt-driven counterparts. These are also quittered because of the urethane rubber wrapping. You can, therefore, move around without causing people to turn their heads.

It is almost impossible to tell a hub motor skateboard and a regular one. You will also have fewer parts to repair and replace. Because of the wrapping, the motor is water-resistant and allows you to continue skating even in harsh weather.

Unfortunately, its designs make it difficult to change the wheels. You get fewer options to choose from when you need to swap out the wheels. While the wrapping is a great thing, it also makes it difficult for the motor to dissipate the heat. You may, therefore, have to deal with overheating when you skate over long distances. Hence, you should really be familiar with these kinds of skateboard accessories.

Frequently Ask Question

What do the numbers mean?

If you are new to motors, the speed and size ratings will be a code you cannot understand. But, these two will help you figure out the motor that suits you best.

KV is translated as the motor velocity. It stands for Kilo Volts and is expressed in RPM per volt. Generally, what it’s used for is by telling you how fast the motor spins. This has nothing to do with the size of the motor, unlike popular belief. To find out the RPM, multiply the KV with the volts of the battery you are using.

The RPM is not a crucial feature to consider, although it does help to know. The trick is to find a motor that is nearest to the 200KV and above. You also need to know that the higher the KV, the more the speed you will have.

There are different ways that different manufacturers describe the size of the motor you are buying. Typically, however, the size is often right after the name in plain numbers. You also need to check the size of the weight. A 2217 size motor that weighs 65 grams may be the same as a 2836 size motor that weighs 66 grams.

The number can further be divided into two representing the length and width of the motor. For instance, 22 may represent the width, while 17 represents the length of the motor.

Do you want a single or a dual motor?

As a beginner, you may want to start with a single motor. With time, however, you will upgrade to a second one. Single motors are recommended because they are cheaper and give you a 100% range. However, dual motors, while they are more expensive, give you more acceleration, torque and allow you to climb. Choose what will be more comfortable for you to maneuver through the different terrain in your area.

How to choose the right wheels for your Skateboard?

When choosing the right wheels for your skateboard, you must consider the uses of the skateboard. For instance, if you need wheels to skate on the streets, it is always best to stick with wheels that are between 45-55mm.

However, street wheels need to be smaller in diameter so that they are responsive and weigh less. Wheels that are larger than this will leave you stuck as you try to grind. You also need a forgiving durometer. This means the wheels will be softer and will not bounce when you need to stick a tricky landing. Here are a few more things you need to consider;

  1. The Size of the Wheels

    As stated earlier, the diameter of the wheels will affect their maneuverability. That said, a wheel with bigger diameter will affect the tightness of your turns and speed. As for smaller wheels, you’ll be moving slower. These are perfect if you are not into street skating. The board is closer to the ground and, therefore, easier for you to control.
    Larger wheels allow you to move faster. If you are using your skateboard to move from one point to another, you want to choose larger wheels.

    Do note that the diameter of the wheels is normally measured in millimeters.

  2. The Durometer

    This is the hardness of the skateboard. The higher the number, the harder the wheel is. The 99a is the average durometer for wheels. The B scale categories offer extra hardness on the wheels. A softer wheel is preferable for street skating because they offer more grip and more control. As for the harder wheels, it’s made more suitable on a smooth surface.

Where you will be Skating?

You must think about where you will be using the skateboard. The place you skate will help you choose the diameter and durometer of the wheels you buy. For mini ramps, you’ll need larger wheels. A diameter of 54mm is preferred. This way, you will still have the freedom to stake in the streets when transitioning. However, you may choose 58mm if you need to concentrate solely on mini ramps.

If you are bowl skating, you’ll need wheels that are 59mm and a durometer of 101A. This will allow you to get the stamina you need to push your body more effortlessly. This is best if your knees suffered injuries before. You may also need to get old school deck skating boards because they support bigger wheels better. Here also a few more things you need to consider;

  1. Wheel texture

    Most wheels are made of polyurethane. However, they all have different textures. Some will feel sticky while some are smooth. Smooth wheels are perfect for street skating. Gummy wheels, on the other hand, are preferred because they offer grip and, therefore, much smoother rides. They are also less noisy than smoother alternatives.
    There are also wheels made of the threaded structure. They are perfect for rough surfaces. They allow you to ride over stones and twigs without worrying that they will get blocked.

  2. The Core

    The core of the wheel has a huge impact on performance. With the cores on regular wheels, you will be able to insert bearings. They have a small ledge that keeps the bearings from moving any further and thus preventing them from shifting. With plastic cores, the bearings perform better because they fit much better.

How to choose the right helmet?

Protective gear is crucial while skating. A helmet adequately protects your head. There are a few things you must consider when you are choosing the perfect helmet for your skating adventures.

  1. Measure Your Head

    You need to ensure that your head fits perfectly in the helmet. Keep in mind that if the helmet is too big, you will still get injuries if you fall. The size of the head will often determine the size of the helmet you buy. You can easily measure your head using a tape measure at home. If you do not have a tape measure, you can use a string too.

  2. Street and park Skating Helmets

    For this type of skating, you can opt for a helmet that is stylish, traditional, and low-profile. It should be a half-cap that is bucket-shaped. It will protect the back, front, and top of your head. They often have a hard exterior made from fiberglass, carbon fiber, and fiberglass. The interior is soft due to the soft foam and cushiony protective layer. This structure perfectly resists multiple impacts. You need to ensure that you inspect it thoroughly to ensure there is no damage, cracks, or splits.

  3. Skate and Bike Helmets

    If you need a helmet, you can wear it when you skate, and as you ride your mountain bike, you should choose one that is CPSC certified. These often have a similar bucket shape but are made of stiff and light expanded polystyrene. It has a protective liner that fractures, condense, and breaks after sustaining moderate and heavy impact. They pass an EPS protective liner where they meet the safety standards for skating and biking. These, however, are only meant to sustain one hard impact and are not suitable for a person who is just learning to skate.

How does the helmet feel on you?

You need to test out the helmet before you settle on using it. Different manufacturers have different techniques and levels of comfort. You need to ensure that the helmet you get will keep you comfortable. When you test the helmet, you will know if it is the right fit and shape for you.

Final verdict

Choosing the right accessories does not have to be as difficult as most people assume. As long as you know the best features to look for, you will always find ones that suit your style and give you the comfort you need. You can also DIY your own electric skateboard with some of the tips offered.